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We released a patch for Edain 4.6 - including a new mini-campaign, visual updates and much more!

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Greetings, companions of Edain!

Today, we have released Patch 4.6.1 of the Edain Mod. You can download it by using the update function in your Edain Launcher.

In case you don't have a version of Edain installed already, you first have to download the base version as a complete package by clicking on the banner below. After installing Edain, use the update function of the Edain Launcher to get the latest version. You may have to update several times until the launcher shows that no newer version is available anymore.

Edain 4.6

If you encounter any problems with the mod, stop by in our Support forum!

New War of the Ring scenario: The reconquest of Moria

A new mini-campaign awaits you in 4.6.1, in which you lead the dwarves of Erebor back to their old home under the leadership of Durin VII. This campaign contains 5 missions, starting at the Lonely Mountain on the way to the Misty Mountains. Durin can only remain in his pre-expedition form, but has been given a new ability in return. In addition, he is accompanied only by the best soldiers of the dwarves, which is also reflected in the missions: Infantry units are all upgraded by one level, which means that standard infantry is now elite, elite infantry is now heroic and the stats and costs have all been adjusted accordingly. You must survive the journey through the Mirkwood, withstand the onslaught of orcs outside of and within the gates of Khazad-Dûm and finally venture deep into the ancient corridors to cleanse them of all evil.


After a new tower defense map was added in 4.6, you can now play another variant with a similar system in 4.6.1. Mission: Lîdh Curunel puts your strategic skills to the test with a different look and a new layout. In addition, both maps benefit from several changes: The building sites have been visually embellished with their own models, while the new Gundabad tower offers additional possibilities for defence.

  • Isengard Tower: -8% attack speed
  • Isengard Tower Cripplestrike: armor reduction buffed from -25% to -30%, duration buffed from 15s to 25s, buildcost increased from 300 to 400
  • Sorcery Tower: first AoE upgrade +125% area of effect, second AoE upgrade +30% area of effect, buildcost reduced by 100
  • Resting Camp: +16% leash range for Elven Lords
  • Rohirrim Tower: buildcost reduced by 50
  • Mirkwood Tower: shooting arc improved from 20° to 40°
  • improved Carc's movement
  • increased Sauron's health by 10% and killing him kills all enemy structures

Bugfixes und other changes

A large number of bugs have been fixed, which cannot all be listed individually here. Most notably, crashes caused by stone trolls in their death animation have been fixed so that the Misty Mountains can be selected in combat without worry. The same goes for the crashes in Ring War mode when destroying Moria citadels, which have been fixed as well. In addition, as a result of your feedback, the Moria camp has been upgraded and now has four slots on which to build defensive towers to ward off aggressive enemies and small harassment forces. Finally, the tower guards of Gondor have received a visual makeover, giving them a new look. And last but not least, as always, there are a number of balance changes - especially the Misty Mountains have been adjusted by strengthening the expensive monsters and weakening the cheap orcs. Have fun exploring!

For more detailed balance changes, you can find a changelog on our forum here.

Have fun playing!

GandalftheGrey99 - - 86 comments

Keep it up Edain Team!

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marinogiovinemg91 - - 1 comments

Could you put auto fire on the structures? especially for those outside the fortress

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
ElendilsCousin Author
ElendilsCousin - - 702 comments

No. Most of those already unlock an arrow tower at level 3.

Reply Good karma+1 vote
Sina.N - - 1 comments

This, I shall dare to say, is the best mod I have seen for any game whatsoever. the amount of thought and creativity behind the making is just astonishing.
Edain shall not remain a mod. It's now a game.

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JjForcebreaker - - 916 comments


Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
Mealya - - 7 comments

Nice patch Edain team !

Are you considering reducing the "Influence of Sauron" recharge time on the necromancer (and all of his forms) ? Mordor really struggle pass the early game since they are so many things locked behind this and especially resources which Mordor needs a lot to stay alive...

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
ElendilsCousin Author
ElendilsCousin - - 702 comments

He was buffed in 4.6.1, as you can see in the patch notes, but we'll keep an eye on it.

Reply Good karma+2 votes
Mealya - - 7 comments

Thx for your answer ! Since there 12 buildings to upgrade with the influence, it is at least 48 mins to have all upgrades... IMHO, it should be something like 2 to 3 mins cooldown maximum or changing the way resources buildings level up. Not having all the bonuses rapidly is fine but having this and resource leveling up locked in the same place is hard especially in the late game

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briannn - - 1 comments

Whenever I try to update, my launcher says there are none. I tried to redownload the launcher from this page and update it, but it always just opens up 4.6
Wondering if there was something I was doing wrong

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