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Today we will show you how you can play the Hidden Mission "The Attack on the Golden Wood" in the current version.

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Greetings, companions of Edain!

Today we want to show you another hidden mission in Edain. The Elves of Lorien again need your help!
After explaining how to experience The Attack on the Golden Wood the last time, this next mission is about the second part of the battle:

Mission 2: The Cleansing of Lothlórien

An outpost is under attack!

Take control of the Woodelves and experience how the Orcs were expelled from Lórien and peace returned to the realm of Galadriel and Celeborn.
To play this mission, play as Lórien on the map 'Lórien'. Place yourself at the left starting position, again without a second player (neither AI nor human).
If you're mostly looking to experience the story, deactivate Ringheroes and the mission will be very easy do complete. Activating Ringheroes on the other hand will make it a bit more challenging.

Your settings need to look like this.
Don't forget to adjust the difficulty by either deactivating Ringheroes (easy)
or activating them (medium)

Have fun playing!

Some of you also had some problems with the Mission last week, so I suggested to show you how I play the map. So for all who wanted some hints how to play the map: This is my complete walkthrough of the whole mission. :)

Your Edainteam


Oh, as promised, dear Gnomi!

You, my dear Edain team, are turning the tide of this hell of a world! thank you, thank you very much!

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Gnomi when you play like that it is looking so easy :DD

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Gnomi Author

Thanks! :D I would consider myself as a rather good player from the singleplayer community, but most of the people from our multiplayer community are way better. :D
The most important parts are to save your units and always fight with your healthy units. Also you always need to have a look on your heroes...

Also I played the map a lot right now. I probably played the first two missions 20 or more times, as you always had to play through them to test the later parts. :D

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You are perfect. I love your whole team. Love and respect. When will 4.6 be released? What innovations will come? If there is a new update. Due to the corona virus, people may be very interested in the new version.

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4.6 will have Gobbos (misty mountains) faction. No one knows the release date :D

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Hahaa... Yes, so I'm waiting excitedly. Nobody leaks information in modding-union. I followed it from everywhere but there is no information... The best mod team will be waiting for us again. They will come like bombs with new things. Im sure...

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