Post news RSS ECW (Rp2) goes public beta within the next two months!

Short list of what we have to do before we go public Beta, and things we might need some help with.

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With the completion of the new volcanic island it won't be long tell ECW goes to public beta testing.

Just have a few more things on our to do list:
* I have to place some scripts for the new island (kind of hope to have a mini story for it).
*Brandan has to do some client work, I want it to be more stable for the public.
*And we need to find someone to build a good installer for us, or a program that will work well (if anyone has suggestions for a program that can handle single files of 1.5GB and an over all install that is 3+ GB that would be great).
*In additional I recently got an offer of music to use in our game, so I'll have to look through what they have to offer and see what we can make use of. :D
End of December is my target date, but if all goes well it'll be sooner than that!

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