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Class merge and ability distribution rework have been finished, it's time make weapons more interesting!

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It's been a week since I made the last post, so here's an update on what I'm working on.

Two days ago I have successfully merged classes and made abilities unlock when leveling up.

Yesterday I have started working on weapon rework.

Since abilities use the same damage type now, all weapons are the same and that is not good.

To combat this, I have made weapons reduce ether and cooldown of abilities.

I have doubled ether costs and cooldowns of most abilities.
Installing right weapons would reduce ether costs and cooldowns to their normal values.

It did make weapons more interesting than ever, but it was a little too messy.
Just replacing one installed ability with other, would require the player to hunt for a different set of weapons.

Plus, it didn't create any interesting decisions.

It feels like punishment for not installing right weapons and it's not what I want.

So, I am going revert all yesterday's progress and start working on the new idea.

The new idea is to make weapons work in a way that allows the player to build three different spaceships.

- Powerful spaceships that have higher damage, longer cooldowns, and burn more ether.
- Fast spaceships that have shorter cooldowns, lower damage, and burn more ether.
- Efficient spaceships that have longer cooldowns, lower damage, but burn less ether.

To make it happen, weapons will get two new properties - ability ether cost reduction and ability cooldown reduction.

To stop these properties from making abilities too fast or not expensive enough, they will not interact with ability ether costs and cooldowns directly.

Instead, the player will need to install a certain amount of weapons to reduce ether costs or cooldowns of abilities by 25%.
If requirements are not met, abilities will have base stats or even become 25% more expensive and/or slower.
Requirements will rise with the number of parts installed.

Basically, there will be three types of weapons and by focusing on one weapon type will allow the player to make spaceship powerful or fast or efficient.

What's also good about this system is that it doesn't really end with three spaceship types.

It will be possible to build balanced ships that are not bad or good at anything

It will also be possible to make spaceship excel at more than one field - maybe even at all three with enough rare, amplified weapons.

As for the final Early Access update, I'm still over a month away from releasing it.
This rework created a huge delay, but I think that it's worth it because the game will become a lot better.

Next week I'm hoping to continue the release countdown, so until then!

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