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This is article also about some information from my book. Now its about Earth incarnation there. Chronology from old times to 2599 year.

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Earth Chronology till 2599

1 million BC - First Humans appears in the planet

50 000 BC - First Arch-Civilizations of Humans

20 000 BC - 10 000 BC - Great Cataclysm period (destroying of Arch-Civilizations)

8000 BC - Extraordinarial Anomaly in the planet

6000 BC - Age of Rebuilding. New civilizations.

5000 BC - Alien ships in the Egypt. Three Giza Pyramids foundation.

4000 BC - All aliens left the Earth to their homeworlds.

600 BC - 500 AD - Antique Period

500 AD - King Arthur Pendragon founds alien artefact with name Excalibur in one of temples.

520 AD - Dragons Invasion to Earth. Round Table Knights destroying this evil by alien artefact.

570 AD - 1000 AD - Dark Ages period

1000 AD - 1500 AD - Medieval Age period

1500 - 1800 AD - Age of Gunpowder

XX century AD - Age of Mankind Rising (also age of Nuclear Power and Wars epoch)

1982 AD - Moon Secret Operation. Astronauts found alien artefact in the Moons Dark Side.

2018-2025 AD - Global Earth Crisis

2029 AD - Unknown Alien ship destroying all space defence of the Earth

2035 AD - Second Global Anomaly. Humans found the life in parallel worlds.

2056 AD - First colonies in the parallel worlds. Humans started to contact with aliens.

2070 AD - Year of official friendship with several alien races. 25 October - Day of Peaceful League.

2099-2150 AD - War with Arah`Ni Swarm, alien dangerous race. Humans were winners.

2200-2300 AD - Age of Peaceful Time and Progress. No wars and conflicts.

2450 AD - First Yotuns contact. President Mitchell Pronin made order to stop colonization in several worlds.

2490 AD - "Dead War", massive zombies invasion to earth colonies. This year was terrible for humans.

2500 AD - All Zombie infection was destroyed by magic of alien allies. Humans were saved.

2530 AD - Dark Cults in the Earth and colonies. President Maxim Doicic initiated anti-cultists program.

2540 AD - Again Yotuns contact in one of the worlds. President Doicic again stopped colonization program.

2560 AD - 2596 AD - Earth Civil War. President Fenixxon against President Joanna Qilich.

2596 AD - Qilich became new Earth Alliance president. Fenixxon was killed in the Government House.

2599 AD - Beginning of massive Yotuns invasion to all universe.


About future dates - read the book. I`ll publish it soon :) :)

Thanks for reading this!


p.s. All ideas in this chronology are from my mind. Don`t blame it in plagiarism.


Intresting read :)

I wonder if this is real
What happened next?
Im looking forward ;)
And 1 question: Did Qilich killed Fenixxon?

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BagaturKhan Author

Yeah Qilich already killed Fenixxon. President Hektor Fenixxon died in his own government house. Qilich rocket found her target.

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Very good timeline, I wonder what the artefact from the moon could be, I'm very interested to find out.

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Secret moon operation(aka my birth xD)
Alien artifact found on dark side of moon.(yeah, that was me) :D

"The infection from space zombies invasion cured by magic of alien allies" I can die, from vodka overdose too.
2599 - start of Starcraft and Supcom timeline 'till birth of Emperor.
Happy Christmas!

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Interesting and thorough approach to a parallel time-line.
VERY believable too.

Nice work man.

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INtense! Staff

Have you read bill bryson a short history of nearly everything? It is an awesome book that is formulated in a similar way

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BagaturKhan Author

No didnt read it. But i will :)

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Very good chronology from your mind!

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| 2018-2025 AD - Global Earth Crisis

I knew it, dammit.

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