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Hey folks, I wanted to give everybody a look at the present state of JUNK. As well as provide some information about the game and it's current development status.

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JUNK, early development build showing some basic game mechanics.

Well look at all that!

This game has been in development for quite some time now, a few weeks ago I picked it up again after putting it down for almost a full year. At that point it was barely more than a few hundred bugs holding hands. I love a good time-slaughtering real-time strategy game, and I've always wanted to finish a video game project. So here we go. Two birds, one stone. I've made some light-year sized additions and subtractions since picking the code pile up again, it's stabilizing really nicely and a few serious deep dives with the code profiler in Unity has enlightened and lightened the code.

The video you see above is just a quick screen capture I did on my test bed device(Samsung J3 Prime) to show a little bit of how the basic game mechanics are working right now. The UI is still incomplete and I'm working furiously on a list of features and bugs that seems to only get longer as the days get shorter around here.

As far as those features and bugs go? Well, there will be MUCH more to show you soon, so keep an eye out here or follow the video to my new Facebook page for the game. However, there will be MUCH more control over the stations, ships and fighters and other "units" you see on the screen. There will be more in the way of objectives and "rewards"/etc.. The strategy part will become obvious when I've got a few more gears in the machine. You'll be seeing a view of the enemies soon and I hope to provide you with many other cool feature previews as they become finalized for the early release on December 1.

Thanks for checking it out!

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