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Big thank you to those who have played and commented already!

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Hey guys,

I was pleased to see that I had some comments so early after uploading, so a big thanks for that.

Noticing some comments about needing to noclip from some people, I can assure you that the levels can be completed without the use of the noclip function, I hear what people are saying about the exploration being somewhat difficult and there not being an obvious task, what can I say, trial and error, bad on my part for not having an earlier release.

I am in the process of uploading the first level, so you can replace the old bsp, this one will display that the two doors are locked, providing visual feedback that they need to be unlocked, rather than just doors that you cannot pass. In addition I have discovered a problem with when the manual release buttons become available to use and have fixed the problem, this fix is also in the new map file. As for the other tasks in the game, the idea of the project was to make the players think and work it out rather than have a task laid out infront of them to decypher, this is part of my academic work is based on, to see if it is a method that can ultimately be fun to play still, if it turns out its not, then the result of the research would be no, so it helps either way. As for it not being long, or very scary, thats not a priority for me right now as my University project isn't focused around that, I literally needed a catalyst for what I wanted to achieve.

I also managed to set the mod to say its been released, so you can now rate it.

Remember to complete the survey too if you have time, link on the previous news post :)



This mod was reeally awesome, but i got past the elevator and to the 2nd level, was i supposed to die in the tunnel with pipes and barrels? I just heard a noise and poof the screen was red and it said loading. Is this another puzzle or the end of the mod?

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Sivi Author

If you are referring to the tunnel where you die half way down, then that is not the end. The unnatural dim red light is my poor attempt at representing an evil spirit that you cannot see, hence the blood stained text prior to entering the elevator, I should maybe have a sound file playing to help represent that fact. There is indeed another task to achieve to get past said spirit by turning on the two lights that are not on in that tunnel.

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Oh okay thanks

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This mod really is AWESOME!Nice one guys.

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