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Skyheart gets new features and then some, also our main guy is leaving...

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Today we unveil new features in Skyheart such as: main characters now follow each other, the girl character has new hair color and a portion of the story will change depending on which character you pick. We hope you enjoy these new features and wait around for a few new more. Nej Studio's main guy is going to be very busy working at a new company so unfortunately, we may not be able to update as often anymore. He still does plan on bringing Skyheart to 3d one day, how he implements that is still up to debate. We have also been planning on either remaking Skyheart as another 2d game on a different engine and creating several 3d games, some major and some minor. Oh, one more thing, now we understand why our wonderful web devs say never use can't move your site. Ever. Period. That means Nej Studio is stuck and Skyheart will still wait, hoping to get big, awwww ;(

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