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Hello, today is the second anniversary of the mod and also quite coincidentally the release date of the early access demo for it, so here we go...

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That time has come and I will just jump straight into it. The early access for the mod is now finally released, making this probably the last build before the final release which won't come anytime soon. Here is the release trailer for it, a small fully rendered scene that took an entire day to render in it's entirety on my laptop.


The demo:

You can download the early access demo here!

Half-Life:Trials: Early access demo

About the demo:

Okay, so probably like 7 of you will be disappointed to know that I will not be using the Half life Extended SDK for it and have switched back to Spirit of Half life. The reason for it is because it made development harder and more time consuming for the stuff i wanted to do. It was an impulsive call and I didn't quite test everything out before deciding to switch to it. It has nothing to do with the SDK itself, more so that what i wish to do with the mod isn't really designed for that type of stuff. Spirit of Half life is still going to be the main base for it and right now i'm going to stick to it and not make any big engine changes in the future to save more time.

Some preview stuff:

Here are a few images of maps and models that have been developed recently





For the future:

This demo should more of less shape the feel and intent of the mod in general. The previous demos are now outdated and obsolete and might as well be an alpha that got released too soon. The development might from this point onward stagger a bit, since right now I am unemployed and looking for a job, my focus is going to shift a bit away from the mod. I hope that everyone enjoys the demo or at least appreciates what is even trying to do. Who knows maybe it will be a flop and has an average score at best, but at least i can learn something from it. The final release is a long way yet and the feedback i get now will greatly shape how it will turn out in the future. This should mark the second anniversary of the mod

Thank you all, i wish you a very, very late happy Halloween and a future Merry Christmas while i'm at it.

Annoxx - - 1 comments

As a playtester for this amazing mod i am finally delighted that the early access release is finalized, the goal for this early access release was definitely satisfactory to say the least. I hope we can see more of this mod in the near future but for now 10/10 from me.

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Andy_Shou - - 50 comments

Just played through this and I loved every second of it! I can't wait for the full release. Amazing work!

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Aynekko - - 652 comments

Really nice work, congratulations on this release! The mapping has really improved

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Sandii Author
Sandii - - 66 comments

Thanks! I am so happy to hear this!

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