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This week's update features dungeons! Now, you can explore all sectors of a galaxy, planets and dungeons. More dungeons, planets and planetary content will be added in the next weeks!

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This week's update introduces dungeons to Galactic Crew! In this update two dungeons are available for you to explore: a long forgotten mine and an underground bunker. Both of them offer resources and items for you to loot. While travelling through deep space, you'll eventually get one of the new events that leads you right to the new dungeons. Please make sure to have a teleporter on your ship! Otherwise, you can't leave your ship.

The next two updates will focus on more dungeons and planetary content.


Last week, the ship's walls and floor were replaced with new models. This week, the spaceship engine is replaced by a new model to improve the visual appearance of the spaceships.

Bug Fixes

  • The game could crash in some occasions when gathering all resources on a planet.
  • After resurrecting a dead crew member with a medic, his/her life bar was sometimes hidden.
  • After teleporting your crew from a planet back to your ship, the ship's walls were rendered with the wrong shaders.

Coming up next...

In the next two updates, I will focus on dungeons and planetary content. There will be new items, new missions, new dungeons, new stuff to do on planets, new skills, ...

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