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For today's news I am happy to announce I finished my game a few days back. The bad news is there is a lot of polish to be done graphic wise, but the game plays with minimal bugs(none game breaking that I know of) and the story is done!

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As you can see the game is in a finished state but still looks a bit sub par graphic wise. Content is a bit lacking as well, lots of empty houses for example. Side quests are an idea to add as well, currently only the main story is in. Crafting is also bare bones, so you can make a couple items but not really get into it. In short a lot of cool stuff can be added, but I just wanted to finish the game for now with a main story and what you need to beat it. Here is the link: Would love any and all feedback though so if you have a bit of time give it a play! At any rate I learned a lot making this game. I do plan on updating it sometime in the future and really polishing the graphic style especially some of the characters and possibly add that stuff I mentioned earlier. After that maybe I could consider a steam release or something.

There you have it though! Dungeonis is playable and you can finish a story. Comes out to about 3 hours of gameplay. Hope there is some fun to be had from it!


that encounter start sound is so terrible. Tone it down a bit

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