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Dungeon Runner is a low poly style, endless dungeon runner. The aim of the game is to stay running as long as possible while collecting as many coins as possible. Get your high score and brag for the rights of king runner of the dungeons...

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DEMO Available now.

I'm excited to announce that the Demo has now gone live. It is only a short run but enough to show what is in play at the present moment and the state of things so far.

At the time of writing it has already been downloaded six times within a very short space of time :)

Here's to more DL's ahead =P:

Demo here

Over the coming days more control options will be added as well as options screen and hopefully the third person ISO view as well.

I want to add in some more ways to die/traps etc.

Enjoy the Demo and I look forward to receiving feedback from the community.

Have a good Sunday!

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