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This release completes Rooms! To tell you all about it, I've created my very first video demo. Watch it and give me your feedback!

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This release completes the first set of features for Rooms in Dungeon Colony.

I have created my very first video development log to tell you all about rooms. I'm probably going to make more of these whenever I reach a bigger milestone like this one. (Usually every x.x.x release)

Watch the following video log to learn more about rooms. Please let me know what you think:

What's next:

Before I complete the campaign mode the behavior engine and the rules that make up the Dungeon Economy must be updated and improved. The most recent features about abilities and dungeon rooms play an important role in these improvements. Rooms determine where minions go look for resources: the lair for a place to rest, eat and store personal goods; the pantry is the hot-spot for food and the treasury is the money-department. Without these rooms, the economy can't function. Workers will want to be compensated for all work commands you give them. This is the first improvement I will focus on.

Once these improvements are complete Beta stage will be reached and I will start with the level development for the campaign mode. At the same time I will introduce the story that goes with the campaign mode. I'm hoping to reach this milestone in a few months, but that really depends a lot on many other factors... so wish me the best!


Nice! I love it

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I like the idea so far. There is a bit more to do to make it more comfort for the players though. Maybe an option to draw a rectangular room instead of painting each single tile. Or a fill option, which automaticly fills all tyles of the same type (would work great in your example scene as you chose different tiles for each room already) :)

More testing on the hover function would also be required, as I think the red & blue flashing rooms (when you hover the mouse over them ingame) may become a distraction / immersion brake over time. Maybe you could make this only available when the player hits shift and hovers, or something like a special item which displays the rooms, I dunno...

I really like the developement you do and the new features, so please understand this as my humble opinion and a friendly critique. Of course you are the master of developing a game, so you have the power and the true knowledge ;)

Good luck with the game and your small, cute cat :)

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w01fram Author

Thank You SeriousToni for your feedback! I definitively like the idea of drawing a rectangle or even automatically filling all tiles of a room type. The first one is much easier than the second, so I'm probably going to add that first.

And yes, if hovering over a room becomes too annoying, I'll change that if needed.

(The cat isn't as tiny as she was on the picture, but she is still adorable ;)

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w01fram Author

update: I uploaded version ( which now uses a rectangular area to draw the room, instead of the pen-like tool.

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