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We are announcing the first ever Duke Nukem Forever level design contest!

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We are proud to announce the first Duke Nukem Forever 2001 level design contest!

"The main theme of this contest. Two words:

Nuclear Winter.

Arenas of ice, snow and frost. A confrontation within a winter wonderland

1. Levels are multiplayer themed
2. Remakes from other games are allowed, they just need to be snow/winter themed. Ports are okay but if very little was changed from the game it's from it'll lose marks
3. Any custom textures should be contained within 1 texture package for simplicity with redistributing. The same goes with sounds

Maps will be judged on the following 3 things
1. Technical skill. How clean is the map's BSP. Is it missing textures? Are there any places the player can get stuck or areas the framerate radically drops
2. Quality of custom assets. How nice do the snow and ice textures look
3. Gameplay and aesthetics. Does the map look boxy? Does it flow nicely? How fun is it to play?

Need some ideas?

1. The EDF's hidden base in Alaska/Antarctica
2. Santa's Workshop
3. A level set during Duke's capture by the Rigelatins on an ice covered moon
4. Two teams battle it out within long abandoned frozen forts
5. A classic Duke map set during the backdrop of Winter
6. A blizzard comes to the Vegas strip"

Judging will be done by community vote once the contest has concluded. There will be prizes for the first and second place winners.

First place prize is an official Duke Nukem 3D Octobrain figure

s l1600

Second place prize will be a 20 dollar steam game of the winner's choice.

The contest officially begins today and ends December 3rd. This announcement coincides with the release of the "DNF Restoration Bikini Atoll Test" editor which features a number of Quality of Life updates to the game and engines

If you wish to submit or show off your work it's highly recommended to join the official DNF Restoration project discord server. Voting will commence there. We will also announce winners here once voting has concluded.

We hope to see your submissions!

Screenshot 2022 10 16 191124

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Let the best map win!

Some fancy ski resort would be nice. With some wintery babes.

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Better be a freeze cannon in some of these! :3

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