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Previously we said that the game is ready. Now let’s talk about the release date!

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We were sorting through the list of fixes that we want to do before the release, but then we realized that half of them do not even crash the game. And the other half is so unimportant that nobody will ever notice. The third half is so rare that it’s gonna affect, like, only 3% of players. And the last half is just too hard to fix, so why even bother... “So, are we done with the game?” - asked someone on the development team. “I guess” - the other one replied. “No! We are not done!” - protested the loudest, - “Look at the list of fixes! And we need a trailer! And localization! And how about ...” - and at that moment we knew for sure: the game. is. done.

Dude, Stop - Release Date coming

Release date

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HA! You wish!

Sadly, we won’t announce it in this blog post. It’s more of an announcement of the announcement. But we have decided on a date! And it’s gonna happen soon! So soon, that I’m already meditating to prepare myself for all that feedback that’s coming our way... and oh boy there will be lots... Anyway!! Right now I can say only one thing: the Release trailer!!

Release Trailer

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Yes, the Release Date gonna appear in the end of the Release Trailer, that we are working on right now! We’ve already recorded 30 minutes of the Voice Over, captured 50 minutes of gameplay, and now we just need to cut it down to about 60 seconds... Pffff, easy!

Dude, Stop - Trailer Voice

And when it’s ready, when the “Dude, Stop” essence is squished into that 1 minute, when every test subject gonna say “Wooah, Bro”, and when every joke is perfectly timed with a stopwatch - only THEN we gonna release it!... Or when we’re tired of it. So, probably this week.


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We have a Discord Server! We weren’t planning to do much with it, but it ended up a nice place to chat with you all, answer your questions and post quick updates! So if you want to follow us in yet another place, stalk our every move, or just to say hi - come on in! It’s free!


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Dude, Stop - Puzzle 01

Dude, Stop - Puzzle 02

Dude, Stop - Puzzle 03

Dude, Stop - Puzzle 04


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TL;DR: Game is ready. Release date is chosen. Release Trailer is being worked on. Both date and a trailer gonna be released together pretty soon! Now visit our Discord Server!

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