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After months of hard work and unintentional silence, we are finally back with another blog post. This time it’s about a brand new topic – the voice!

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Hello, Accidental reader! Welcome to our “Dude, Stop” blog! Oh, you’re not accidental? You actually follow our progress and know what this is all about? Then greetings, come on in and make yourself comfortable for the next five or so minutes. We’re gonna tell you, how we’ve been and what we were up to. Please, don’t mention that you’ve been waiting for almost two years… we know. We know.

Let’s dive right in, but first – a small advertisement: we are on Steam! Didn’t launch yet, but you can come in and say hi.

The Voice

titleBG 1

Remember how we talked about all those problems and challenges we had while implementing the voiceover? Well, we kind of fixed them. And what we didn’t kind of fix, we worked around. As a result, we added a couple of voice lines to the game. A handful. A bunch. A LOT.

We found a dude (not to be confused with The Dude) to record placeholder lines and now we have *drumroll* about 90% of the game voiced over. We repeat – ninety percent of the game. A hundred percent of those ninety percent have THE VOICE, how cool is that (a hint: pretty cool). It really brings the game together – it’s such an amazing feeling, doing something and immediately hearing a response or a reaction or- DON’T TOUCH THE GODDAMN BOX. You have to hear it, it’s really something. We hope you’ll giggle no less than we did when playtesting it.

BUT! No samples. It’s just a placeholder, not a real voice actor, and we don’t want to spoil the fun.

Pack Selection

titleBG 1

And this is how first 4 packs* look like in the game right now!

Dude, Stop - Pack 1

Dude, Stop - Pack 2

Dude, Stop - Pack 3

Dude, Stop - Pack 4

*Please note that game has more than 4 packs.

Options menu

titleBG 1

The next topic is not THAT exciting, but still cool – we changed some UI to make it faster to access, and stop breaking the flow of the game with a bunch of unnecessary screens and transitions. Need to change volume or toggle subtitles? It's just a couple of mouse clicks away. Click-click and you're back to ruining the game.

Dude, Stop - Options Menu


titleBG 1


* Not Yet Implemented**

**but composed. We have it. We just need to implement it.


titleBG 1

Back to exciting stuff – gameplay sounds are also ready! Almost. 95% or so. Every puzzle is now like a real game with graphics, mouse clicking, voice and sounds to support it all. We’re still running through them again and again (and again. And again…), approving some, changing others, and thanking the composer for his awesome work. Overall – it’s all Saves and Sound.


titleBG 1

One day, we had this mindboggling assumption – our monster players might have some monster friends or siblings. And even though overwriting someone else’s progress is totally in the spirit of the game, we’re not that unforgiving. That’s why we introduce you to… SAVE SLOTS!

Dude, Stop - Save Slots

Everybody has unlimited save slots (limited only by your RAM, HDD/SSD, or a bug in our game or… you know what? Limited. You have limited save slots) and can switch between them like… any other save slots in any other game*. Next topic!

*Well, ALMOST any other game – we’re not penalizing you for being bad throughout the game, because we know how determined you are to be evil…

Next topic

titleBG 1

TL;DR for all of the above: we never stopped working, we have huge progress, we added some new features, a lot of sounds, new animations, new graphics, backgrounds, fixed a lot of stuff, and bla-bla-bla! The most important of which is a milestone of having majority of the game voiced. That’s the last big task in our list almost done. Release is “Coming soon”.

That’s all. Thank you for reading! Oh, and here are some random pigs:

Dude, Stop - Random Pigs

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