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Contest?! Someone said “contest”?! With prizes and stuff?! Whaaaa... Oh yeah, it was us. We said that we have a contest. That’s right. Silly us.

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The release is in a week from now, on June 1st. And what do we do?! We are making more obstacles for you to get the game!.. Or is it opportunities? More opportunities! To do what? To work, and work hard. Do stuff for us, basically... Wait, is it an obstacle or an opportunity then? Anyway, FREE* COPY OF THE GAME! Come and get it!!

* Rules and conditions may apply

Dude, Stop - Flying Duck

Contest #1

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Photo/drawing contest! Rules are a little long, but TL;DR is this:

  • Go and play Dude, Stop, or at least watch our YouTube videos.
  • Get an idea for a Puzzle or Scenario that could suit the game.
  • Take a photo of that idea (or a part of it) in real life or make a drawing.
  • Include a piece of paper with “Dude, Stop” written on it in the shot to prove that it’s yours.
  • Show off your pics!!

Dude, Stop - Contest Pic

Do that and you’ll have a chance to win a FREE COPY of “Dude, Stop” on Steam! You can read up on how to send us your submissions here: Dude, Stop - Contest #1 Rules.

Dude, Stop - D.U.C.K.

And in case you need more motivation,

just check what other have submitted already:

Contest #2

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"Waaait, you never said that you have two contests!

Oh yeah, right. We have two. The second one is about coming up with jokes... And no, not because we can’t do it ourselves!! We are actually funny!! And we know lots of jokes!!... We just want to steal yours give you the opportunity to participate and add your name to the credits! Same as above - just read Dude, Stop - Contest #2 Rules to find out how to participate.

Steam news

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Game has been submitted to the Steam for a review. Voice Over for the Release Trailer is recorded, and being edited right now. We finished Steam Achievements, now working on Trading cards and the rest.

Dude, Stop - Achievements


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And now bad news, while you are full of positive emotions!

So the game is releasing in a week, right. Sadly, we have no time to implement all the features we wanted, so we had to cut out a few. And one of them is Localization. What this means is that on the day of the release, June 1st, the game will have only 1 language: English voice, and English subtitles/UI.

But worry not!! Localization was in our heads since the start of the development. We have all the code ready, all the support is implemented, and we even have options in the game for switching the Language. It’s even tested and works quite well! Why are we removing it, then? Well, when we started work on the game, we didn’t know the script would exceed 2 000 words, let alone getting close to 15 000!!... Which it did. At this point, proper translations would take too much time and talent. And we don’t have both at once.

What are our plans for Localization? Well, there are two options:

  • Translate the game after the release.
  • Provide you tools to crowd-source the translation.

We can (and probably will) do both. But that a story for another time.

We sincerely apologize to everyone who was waiting for this feature, and for false promises from our side. We hope to make it up to you shortly after June 1st.


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Dude, Stop - Puzzle 10

Dude, Stop - Puzzle 11

Dude, Stop - Puzzle 12

Dude, Stop - Puzzle 13


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Stress level is zero. Game is gonna be good. Now you know everything!

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Dude, Stop - Greenlight Demo


this is amazing.

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