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Zombies are coming! Zombies with guns, so better duck!

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No introductions today, let's get quacking!

Quacking, because today's first scenario is called -DUCK-. Made by tomWin, this five-floor mapset offers some decent gameplay and solid map design. There's enough action not to get bored and more than enough resources to overcome any challenge, including the multiple bosses you'll be forced to face in later levels.



duck 1

And now we move to the very end of the alphabet, where we encounter Zombie Breakout by Dougero. Three levels for the Second Encounter, this scenario's outstanding aspect is abstract and unusual, sometimes outright chaotic architecture. Take the sights in as you move through the maps, but mind the large number of enemies in the way, protecting Hitler himself.


Zombie Breakout

zombie 1

Along with these two sets we have MacenWolf 1.20. B.J. now gives thumbs up when you finish with 3x100% ratios. HUD faces should be fixed. Officers are now more accurate than SS. None of these tweaks are critical for any scenario ported in the past (or in the future), but they're good to have.

Download Second Encounter

MacenWolf Second Encounter 1.20

Download Third Encounter

MacenWolf Third Encounter 1.20

Download Second Encounter patch

MacenWolf 1 20 Patch for Second Encounter

Download Third Encounter patch

MacenWolf 1 20 Patch for Third Encounter

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