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These are the changes that were made up to version 1.10.0 of DTA and the credits for whoever contributed.

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Version 1.10.0:
Build 1.10
Released: Jan 8, 2010

  • Added: Enhanced mode, which features several added and changed gameplay features and graphics.
  • Added: Carryall (enhanced mode only).
  • Added: Train and train tracks.
  • Added: Medic (enhanced mode only).
  • Added: Hijacker (enhanced mode only).
  • Added: Light posts (enhanced mode only).
  • Added: Extra shores (including 16 extra corner angles for both theaters).
  • Added: Water cliffs (including matching waterfalls).
  • Added: Water caves.
  • Added: Civilian cars.
  • Added: Laser fence (enhanced mode only).
  • Added: Field Repair superweapon (enhanced mode only).
  • Added: Tiberium Fuel (functions as an overdrive mode for the power plants; enhanced mode only).
  • Added: Hover MLRS (enhanced mode only).
  • Added: Mobile repair vehicle (enhanced mode only).
  • Added: The XO Powersuit (enhanced mode only).
  • Added: A-10 Warthog (enhanced mode only).
  • Added: Destroyer (a ship; enhanced mode only).
  • Added: Stealth Boat; enhanced mode only).
  • Added: Multiplayer maps "Yeovil Quarry", "Voice in the Darkness", "Tiberian Blitz", "Connexion", "Rivers of Refener", "Hollow Grave", "Lost Lake", "Into The Valley", "Radial Range" and "Delirious Island".
  • Added: Extra desert "Debris/Gray Sand" tiles.
  • Added: Desert pebble tiles.
  • Changed: Slightly increased the range which all units reveal shroud in.
  • Changed: The chain link and concrete walls are now taller.
  • Changed: Multiplayer games now allow up to 8 players (instead of 4).
  • Changed: The Construction yard, War Factory, Airfield, Tiberium Refinery and Service Depot now have bibs.
  • Changed: The ORCA has been replaced with a smoother looking voxel.
  • Changed: The positioning and images of the pips has been improved.
  • Fixed: All walls now have the correct price and amount of hitpoints.
  • Fixed: The scrollrate is no longer faster than in regular TS.
  • Fixed: Missiles are now more effective against aircraft.
  • Fixed: DTA will no longer crash when trying to load a saved game.
  • Fixed: The Commando no longer has a build limit.
  • Fixed: The Chem Warrior no longer receives damage from walking over tibeirum.
  • Fixed: Laser beams are now thinner (the hack that was done to make this work also prevents WaveClass errors -internal errors that occur when a laser fires downward and gets cut off by the bottom of the screen- from happening).
  • Fixed: Buildings can now catch on fire.
  • Fixed: The nuclear missile superweapon now works just like the one in TD.
  • Fixed: FinalSun no longer looks for Tiberian Sun's installation path in the registry.
  • Fixed: All of FinalSun_DTA's fuctions that serve no purpose for DTA maps have been removed.

  • Aro: Made the cameos for the Hover MLRS and the XO Powersuit, the pebble tiles, the building bibs and made the map "Hollow Grave".
  • CCHyper:
    - Gave me the offsets (locations to go to in DTA.exe with a hex editor) and bytes to change to lower the laser detail level, which makes lasers thinner and prevents WaveClass errors from occurring.
    - Helped me disable AutoShore in FinalSun by default (so I could remove the option).
    - Helped me disable FinalSun's "Tip of the day".
    - Gave me the offset (a location to go to in DTA.exe with a hex editor) where I can change the max allowed players for online games.
  • Crash: Made the map Delirious Island.
  • DonutArnold: Made a civilian car and the hover transport.
  • Holy_Master: Made the Stealth Boat.
  • j4m3sb0nd: Made the maps "Tiberian Blitz" and "Radial Range".
  • Lin Kuei Ominae:
    - Made improvements to my ini codes.
    - Made some balance improvements.
    - Made new veterancy pips.
    - Coded the nuke superweapon.
  • Machine: Made the XO Powersuit.
  • Muldrake: Made the carryall voxel.
  • Nyerguds:
    - Helped me to edit FinalSun's exe to supress and error message it kept giving after I edited the exe to make it read Tiberian Sun's install path from FinalSun.ini instead of from the registry.
    - Helped me remove obsolete buttons from FinalSun's toolbar.
  • Raminator:
    - made the A-10 voxel, the paved roads, the train tracks, the train, a civilian car and the UAV unit.
    - converted the Hover MLRS and Mobile Repair Vehicle to SHP
  • Rampastring: Made the map "Rivers of Refener".
  • SeriousToni: Made the map "Lost Lake".
  • Warlord: Made the maps "Yeovil Quarry" and "Voice in the Darkness".
  • wolf-yop: Made the map "Into The Valley".

Version 1.9.0:
Build 1.09
Released: Dec 26, 2008

  • Added: Multiplayer map "Deceiving Adjacency"
  • Added: Gunboat (not buildable).
  • Changed: The GUI (the menus); I made it look more similar to TD's.
  • Changed: All "terrain buildings" were remade as real terrain.
  • Changed: The old 'terrain-structures' were replaced with the new (real) terrain on all maps.
  • Changed: Made the rocket launcher buildable for Nod again.
  • Changed: Made the medium tank and heavy tank accelerate (rather than going from motionless to full speed instantly) to improve balancing.
  • Fixed: The poweroff animation (it used the wrong palette before).
  • Removed: Multiplayer maps "Kider River" and "Village of the Unfortunate". I didn't think replacing the terrain on "Kider River" was worth the effort and the silly cliffs on "Village of the Unfortunate" were impossible to duplicate.

  • Crash: Made the map Deceiving Adjacency.
  • DonutArnold: Made the gunboat.
  • Gangster: Made the new desert bridges and half of the new desert rivers.
  • Lin Kuei Ominae: Taught me how to use 3ds Max to rotate the terrain (with help of a .max file he provided), which allowed me to convert a lot of terrain I would've needed Gangster to for me before (and because he didn't have much free time, DTA 1.09 would probably would have been released quite a while later).
  • OmegaBolt: Replaced the building terrain with the new (real) terrain on Enemy Lines, Sandy Plagues, Social Divide and Towns of Sudan.

Version 1.8.0:
Build 1.08
Released: June 15, 2008

  • Added: Survivor game mode (accessable via the [Survivor] maps).
    Survivor maps are only to be played online and can be played either with or without a mobile HQ. When playing with a mobile HQ, you'll lose the game when you lose the mobile HQ and when playing without a mobile HQ, you'll lose the game when you have no units left.
    Note: When playing with a mobile HQ, make sure you have Short Game enabled (otherwise the mobile HQ won't have any importance and losing it won't make you lose the game).
  • Added: The Microwave Tank, Heavy Tank and the V2 as crate goodies.
  • Added: Marble madness tiles for the map editor.
  • Added: UDP LAN support (makes TS use UDP instead of IPX, which makes LAN work on Vista).
  • Added: Multiplayer maps "Social Devide", "A Long Way From Home" and "Pitfall".
  • Changed: The Nuke warhead now works like the Chemical Missile's. The nuke didn't deal damage properly before and this couldn't be fixed without sacrificing the vertically launched nuke (which I didn't want to do).
  • Changed: Made the map Green Acres bigger (there was too little build space).
  • Changed: Removed the rocket launcher from Nod.
  • Changed: Increased the rocket lancher's and artillery's weapon range from 7 to 8.25 (they now slightly outrange the Adv. Guard Tower and Obelisk).
  • Changed: Decreased the Adv. Guard Tower's weapon range from 8.5 to 8.
  • Changed: Decreased the Obelisk's weapon range from 8.5 to 8.
  • Changed: Made the AI less intelligent when using the Ion Cannon.
  • Changed: Made the flamethrower infantry and the chem warrior type immune.
  • Changed: Replaced all "road buildings" with actual (terrain) roads.
  • Fixed: The font on the Power and Waypoint sidebar buttons.
  • Fixed: The Chinook no longer has debris when it's destroyed.
  • Fixed: The guard tower can no longer attack air units.
  • Fixed: The advanced guard tower is now more accurate.
  • Fixed: Flamethrower infantry and grenadiers now explode, damaging or killing nearby units in the process.
  • Fixed: On the map Sandy Plagues several cliffs and shores weren't impassable.
  • Fixed: Multiplayer colors (they match the TD multiplayer colors better now).
  • Fixed: Several shore and river pieces (extra versions have been made for some as well).

  • Gangster: Converted the building roads to real roads.
  • Nyerguds: Fixed the font on the Power and Waypoint sidebar buttons.
  • OmegaBolt:
    - Replaced the roads on Kider River, Sandy Plagues and Towns of Sudan.
    - Made the map Social Devide.
  • Raminator: Made the Microwave Tank SHP.
  • Scorpio9a: Made the patch which makes TS use UDP instead of IPX for LAN. This makes LAN work on Vista and makes TS work with Hamachi without the whole workaround which was required with IPX. Nyerguds helped me modify it to be able to work with DTA.

Version 1.7.0:
Build 1.07
Released: Apr 20, 2008

  • Added: Multiplayer map "Towns of Sudan".
  • Added: Multiplayer map "Sandy Plagues".
  • Fixed: Problem which caused certain shores and rivers to not appear.
  • Fixed: Multiplayer colors changed so they match the ones in TD.
  • Fixed: Global unit speed has been reduced to 0.875.
  • Fixed: Turned dinos into infantry again (they no longer work as vehicles because of the hack that was done to get 32 facings to work).
  • Fixed: Restored the original size of all structures (the height of all structures was stretched to 120% before).

  • Warlord: Made the multiplayer maps Towns of Sudan and Sandy Plagues.

Version 1.6.0:
Build 1.06
Released: Nov 23, 2007

  • Added: Smoke will appear after big fires or when buildings are destroyed.
  • Added: Multiplayer map "Enemy Lines".
  • Added: Most Red Alert mouse cursors.
  • Fixed: Replaced TS speeches "Alliance formed", "Alliance broken" and "Our ally is under attack" with a blank sound.
  • Fixed: Prerequisites of the Rocket Launcher (Nod was unable to build the rocket launcher because of this).
  • Fixed: Postion of the turret on the Hum-vee and Nod Buggy.
  • Fixed: The Nuke now damages really everything within the blast radius (so what does or doesn't harmed get is no longer random). The blast radius had to be made much smaller to maintain balance however.
  • Fixed: Rocket and cannon weapons can no longer leave scorch marks or burn infantry.

  • Nyerguds: converted the RA mouse to SHP format (allowing me to use the cursors for DTA).
  • Warlord: Made the multiplayer map Enemy Lines.

Version 1.5.0:
Build 1.05
Released: Nov 17, 2007

  • Added: Dead bodies will now remain for a while after killing an infantry.
  • Added: Exploding animation for infantry.
  • Added: Splashes (when projectiles hit the water).
  • Fixed: All vehicles now have 32 facings instead of 8.
  • Fixed: FiringFLHs on the Light tank, Rocket Launcher and Artillery.
  • Fixed: Increased the amount of damage tiberium deals to infantry.
  • Fixed: You'll now hear the TD EVA voice when you capture, disable or re-enable a building instead of the TS one.
  • Fixed: All explosions now have sounds.
  • Fixed: Certain weapons can now set trees on fire.
  • Fixed: The commando can no longer kill multiple infantry in one shot.
  • Fixed: The artillery is now more accurate.
  • Fixed: The grenadier no longer throws its grenades in a high arc, it's slightly less accurate and it's no longer guaranteed that it'll kill an infantry with one or two grenades (it can range from 2 to 6 now).
  • Fixed: The turret of the Gun Turret now has a damaged image.
  • Fixed: Fire FLH of the Gun Turret.
  • Fixed: The damage state of the Silo now works properly.

  • CCHyper: Gave the HEX bytes to change in the executable to get 32 facings to work.
  • Nyerguds: Made the "Building captured", "Building online" and "Building offline" speeches.

Version 1.4.0:
Build 1.04
Released: Nov 11, 2007

  • Added: Visceroids
  • Added: Dinosaurs
  • Added: Nyerguds' [TD] Deluxe Cameos.
  • Added: Multiplayer map "Kider River".
  • Fixed: Missiles fired from the SSM Launcher used to be too slow.
  • Fixed: SSM Launchers now require the Obelisk before they can be built.
  • Fixed: The Rocket Launcher is now available to Nod.
  • Fixed: The Stealth Tank now fires a burst of 2 missiles.
  • Fixed: Changed the extension of the save game files so they won't appear in regular TS and vice-versa.
  • Fixed: Replaced the falling Ion Cannon beam with one that works similar to the TS version of the Ion Cannon.

  • j4m3sb0nd: Made (still) Ion Cannon beam tiles plus a fade-out effect which I used to make a better looking Ion Cannon beam.
  • Nyerguds: Edited the SHPs of all dinosaurs so I would be able to use them as vehicles in TS.
  • Warlord: Made the multiplayer map Kider River.

Version 1.3.0:
Build 1.03
Released: Nov 4, 2007

  • Added: Support for adding Tiberian Dawn Music; the Tiberian Dawn music has to be downloaded separate from the mod.
  • Fixed: The TS version of the ‘Tiberium Garden Redux’ map used to be displayed instead of the DTA version of it, making it unplayable.
  • Fixed: Whenever a Chinook was shot down, a TS explosion appeared.

Version 1.2.0:
Build 1.02
Released: Nov 3, 2007

  • Muldrake: made the following voxels:
    - ORCA
    - Apache
    - Chinook
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