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Late-arrival spoiler about the condition of developement. Info about the future of the project's spiritual offspring.

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So, uh, as you can see, this mod was stone cold for quite some time. It actually have been offically dead for over two months officially. I grasped onto too grandioze for me project, that I was unable to fulfill, and at the rates of developing, I may had done it to the 2060s.

But. Butt. Buttt.

That doesn't means that the story, the setting, the universe I builded for it is gone. I am continue to develop it, and since I got my job at the VFX, I thinked about making it into a short film, or a ongoing comic series. So if you are still interested, you can stay tuned at my DeviantArt page:

I know that it is always suck when you hear that mod you was interesting in is died, but the bright side is in that it's ideas will be reincarnated.

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