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A news article on the future of the Alliance at War mod.

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Community this decision affected me. I felt emotional making it. When I started Alliance at War in 2012, it was with the Gold Disk version of the game and right here on Mod DB. If this was March 2012, I would have logged in and upload the very first version of my mod. For the first 6 months of my mods existence, it was called Violet Alliance, then I would change the name to... Alliance at War.

I look back and think to the many nights I stayed up late modding. Some players were of the opinion that I was not doing enough. Part of me wanted to post something like, "I remind you that every mod started out small. Smaller than what it grew into." But I never did. I like to jokenly say the pennies add up. I done this over the course of 10 years. On day one, my mod started out as a few MB, if that, and now it is more than 2 GB's. I am just one person, I do not have a team, not that I wanted one. I kept working on my mod and uploaded patch after patch, improving it, and watching it grow. I have a lot of history with the Gold Disk version, so dropping support for it just... Well... It affected me.

From now on, I will just use Mod DB as a place that holds the most recent previous patch to allow players the option to continue any GC's they may not want to end just yet.

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