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Level 6 demo for Droid Uprising, the third demo for the game so far.

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Here is now the third release demo for Droid Uprising. This demo contains level 6, which has many things in it that the first four levels don't have. You can snatch the download link here. There are no level 1-4 in this demo though, mainly because they have not changed since the last demo. There will be eight levels in the completed game when it is done, and at the time of writing this level 7 is also for the most part done except a few issues here and there. After playing through it, the only issue I noticed was that one of the moving platforms does not work correctly. The life count resets when you run out, because I want the player to be able to see the entirety of level 6 without getting sent back to the title screen when you die three times. For the most part, the game is nearing completion, and I may be able to release it before the release date.

Level 6 Screenshot

Screenshot 10

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