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Work in progress by community contributor Raap! Dread Plateau will feature new environmental effects and core gameplay! See how it's shaping up!

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Hey guys, I figured that it is time for a new thread since this is no longer an "uncategorized" project!

This is an upcoming Red Alert: A Path Beyond core gameplay level, and for the first time, this is a mission set on US soil. But as I do not wish to spoil everything in advance, I will keep the remaining information such as the background plot close to myself until release... :v

But here is what I CAN share!

  • The level features a large number of 4096x4096 diffuse textures, created from real photography and edited by myself. All photography was paid for, as I could not have taken them myself given that I live in Europe!
  • The level features a lot of experimental graphical effects, the bulk of which could not have been rendered in older versions of the W3D engine and game tools.
  • The level geometry uses some of the most complex meshes that W3D can presently support.
  • Everything you see is still a work in progress!

Here is a video demonstrating some of the environmental effects, such as periodic overhead dust storms, persistent distant dust storms, full screen colour filtering, full screen dust particle animations, and some decrepit old windmill, because reasons!

[NOTE: Unfortunately, YouTube murders the image clarity a lot, so the smaller details are hard to spot, but in-game these will be much more visible!]

Follow Raap's thread on our forums and give your suggestions and comments! Raap would greatly appreciate your feedback!

Zeke_Dlyoung - - 4,477 comments

Not to rain on anybody's parade, but paying for 4k photographs seems a bit excessive to me. I feel you could've gotten a similar result with free textures.

That said the map does look really nice. Almost makes you feel like sitting on a noisy rocking chair out on a famrhouse porch, while petting a pink dog on your lap.

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