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New Doomzone update includes Active Skill feature, fixes minor bugs.

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At long last, Doomzone v1.7 is released! While Active Skills have been the primary focus of this update, a lot of other changes and fixes have also been made. Take a look at the changelog below for more information on what's updated since v1.6.2.

Note: You will need GZDoom v3.0 or later to run Doomzone.

General Changes

  • Switched up some sounds for the M66.
  • Changed complete sound set for LS57.
  • Updated reload sound for Riot Shotgun.
  • Changed reload sound set for M224-A1/A2.
  • Adjusted M224-A1/A2 recoil frames.
  • Default player soundset has been assigned to UAC Elite.
  • Updated key placement on HUD.
  • Lava Nailgun no longer spawns on Rocket Launcher spots.
  • Interpolated Axe frames.
  • Pointman now starts with the LS57-P.
  • Demolition now starts with the StA-18SE Pistol.
  • Support now starts with the M82SE.
  • Support's weapon loadout has shuffled a bit. M82SE/LAR have shifted to slot 4, LS57 has shifted to slot 5, and UAC11 has shifted to slot 6.
  • Support's StA-52 now comes equipped with the EGLM.
  • Extended homing missile in-flight sound.
  • Changed Berserk pickup sound.


  • New generic sound set for Gunner, Tactician, Marksman, and Recon.
  • New tough sound set for Mercenary, Pointman, and Heavy.
  • New lady sound set for Support.
  • New tough chick sound set for Demolition.
  • New custom sound set for Colonel.
  • New Quake sound set for Slipgater.
  • New Shadow Warrior sound set for Samurai.
  • New mute sound set for Pointman.
  • New skin for Support, Tactician, Demolition, and Marksman.
  • New mod feature: Active Skills! Default key is Mouse3.
  • New active skill: Medikit (Support). Tosses a medikit for yourself and allies to use. Cooldown: 30 secs
  • New active skill: Turret (Gunner). Sets up an automatic sentry turret to attack enemies. Explodes after 3 minutes. Cooldown: 60 secs (Sprites: SgtMarkIV)
  • New active skill: Spawn Grenade (Tactician). Tosses a smoke grenade that summons allied marines. Vanishes after 60 seconds. Cooldown: 120 secs (Sprites: Skulltag Team, Captain J)
  • New active skill: Disguise (Demolition). Disguise yourself as a zombie to confuse and disorient enemies. Disguise wears off after 60 seconds, or if you take damage. Cooldown: 120 secs after activation.
  • New active skill: Ghost (Colonel). Activates a ghost cloak that both makes the player invisible and allows projectiles to fly through. Cloak wears off after 30 seconds. Cooldown: 120 secs after activation.
  • New active skill: Boost (Heavy). Increases movement speed by 130% and regenerates 5 HP every second for 10 seconds. Cooldown: 60 seconds.
  • New active skill: Carapace (Mercenary). Activates a hex shield that protects from hitscan and projectile attacks from the front. Shield lowers when you fire. Wears off after 30 seconds. Cooldown: 120 secs after activation.
  • New active skill: Drone (Recon). Throws a beacon that summons a sentry drone to attack enemies. Cooldown: 120 seconds.
  • New active skill: Reflex Time (Pointman). Slows down the surrounding world for 10 seconds. Cooldown: 40 seconds after activation.
  • New active skill: Cloak (Marksman). Temporarily cloaks the user in light-bending energy. Moving while not crouched causes the cloak to reveal your presence. Cooldown: 90 seconds after activation.
  • Added some additional pain and death states to all player classes.
  • New friendly marines, having a rare chance of spawning on dead player spots.
  • Added additional player corpses.
  • Added vocal sound clips to Nobitsura Kage's shockwave attack.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed new particles and their generators splashing on liquid flats.
  • Fixed some weapons being able to switch mid-reload sequence.
  • Correctly applied Heavy's translation to his sprites.
  • Tech column now correctly plays its pain sound, and no longer interferes with its idle loop.
  • Fixed issue that prevented some passive skills from activating in multiplayer.
  • Assault rifle zombie now correctly aims at players during their double tap bursts.
  • Nailgun/Boltgun projectiles now properly inherit from FastProjectile.
  • (Hopefully) fixed blood floating in midair when colliding with fast moving platforms.
  • Fixed fists' animation when using hand grenades.
  • Fixed casing spawners interacting with terrain.
  • Fixed issue with the Spoor switching to the wrong fire mode when pulling the trigger too quickly after a failed charge.
  • Heavy's max HP has been reduced to 100, pending a fix for a vexing bug.
  • Fixed issue of STEP# textures drawing invalid data from footstep sounds.

To install, simply overwrite the old version with the new. No previous versions of Doomzone are required, as this is a full release. Older versions have been archived.

If you happen to stumble across any bugs or crashes, please PM any bug reports or crash logs so I can have a look. The more information, the better.

As always, happy fragging!

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