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- T64 Weapons •• Update 02/05/2022 : Big Update 4 !!

  • New Weapon : Vampire Gun (Description in T64 Weapons Files).
  • New Sprites : Hellwalker (Still needs Standard Super Shotgun to unlock).
  • Nerf : Flechette Gun (In Flechette Mode) and Freeze Gun consume more ammo (2) per shot.
  • Buff Damage 1 : Runes now affect Arm Cannon with Rockets and Charge Beam.
  • Buff Damage 2 : Scorpion Launcher, Eternal Rocket Launcher and Razor do more damage.
  • New Powerup : Revenant Rage (Description in T64 Weapons Files).
  • Float Bob Items : Sprite Adjust for GZDoom 4.7 to avoid cutting on the ground in some renders.
  • More Upscaled Sprites : Plasma Pistol, Repeater, Standard Shotgun, Hands, Duke Nukem Pistol and Helmet. Now all used sprites of weapons are in HD and there is no more pixeled gun.
  • More Updates : T64 Hud (Info), T64 - Weapons Tactical Mod (Drops for Revenant Rage) and T64 Weapons (GZDoom 4.5 Patch - Some Bug Fix).

- T64 HUD •• Update 14/04/2022 : Repositioned some information to avoid conflict of more than one powerup activated at the same time. Bigger health and shield bars, icons have been added.

- T64 Weapons •• Update 12/03/2022 : Big Update !! Six New Weapons : 1 - Standard Explosive Shotgun, 2 - Eternal Plasma Rifle, 3 - CMP-150, 4 - Freeze Gun, 5 - KF7 Special and 6 - Eternal Ballista. Most of these weapons do not appear on maps and are not dropped by enemies (Like Doom Eternal Weapons), so i recommend see Guns Description in T64 Weapons Files for how to unlock/play with these weapons WITHOUT USING CHEATS. Also - T64 HUD and Tactical Updated.

- T64 Patch 4 Zombies + Bonus OST •• New file 19/02/2022 : This file adust spawn of monsters, zombies and T64 Weapons for Code Name Hunk and Left 4 Dead monsters.

- T64 Monsters •• Update 11/01/2022 : More compatibility with Russian Overkill and now you can choose player class and start with the correct pistol.

- T64 Weapons •• Update 31/12/2021 : Increased max ammo Scout/Magnum to 50 normal and 100 with backpack. Some weapons pickups can now activate doors and enemy traps depending on the map. Raptor Magnum fire rate increase with 2 Runes. Tek Bow damage increased, Napalm more burn damage, Cerebral Bore consumes more ammo but does the double of damage, ZMG recoil fixed, KAC Chainsaw second upgrade can summon a Digiclone every time you shoot, Vengeance Cannon second upgrade can summon Wolf and Saint. New Weapon : Flechette Gun. Also - T64 - Weapons Tactical Mod •• Update : Updated drop for Flechette Gun. - T64 Hud •• Update : Add info for the type of mine in use for Napalm, add ammo info for Flechette Gun, KAC Chainsaw updated rocket ammo when is updated, akimbo Klobb and akimbo ZMG now display ammo for the second gun.

- T64 - Weapons Tactical Mod •• New file 11/12/2021 : This small file will force you to make choices between the weapons you should carry.

- T64 Weapons •• Update 01/12/2021 : Updated for work correctly with T64 - Weapons Tactical Mod file. Classic Minigun is now 100% instant fire (no longer need to wait for the cylinders to stop rotating to shoot again). RC-P90 combination with Flamebelch is replaced for Minicannon on the shoulders (Doesn't consume any extra ammo!), making this submachine gun stronger and even more special with this combination!

- T64 Monsters •• Update 01/12/2021 : Updated for work correctly with T64 - Weapons Tactical Mod file.

- T64 Weapons •• Update 23/10/2021 : Add a new weapon : Samus Aran Arm Cannon (More details in T64 Weapons files), add too a Metroid theme for start menu. Now all Overpower Weapons appears with the Sphere of Invincibility (Guns that are only found in same places that these spheres comes with a mini version visual). Add a small description for weapons slots in the help screen (Its recomended the use of PyWeaponWheel_v0.3.pk3 to avoid confusion and to make more easy the weapon selection).

- T64 Weapons •• Update 31/07/2021 : The Aliens weren't able to stop Doomguy and not even Predator was able to do that. After his battle in Aliens Eradication, Doomguy can now use the Predator's gear: a powerful plasma cannon (Plasma Caster) accompanied by a laser sight and an extremely lethal big claw (War Blade)!! Also Aliens Eradication - T64 Patch Update : Predator Equipment (Plasma Caster and War Blade) is now playable (can appears on the map) in Aliens Eradication.

- Aliens Eradication - T64 Patch •• New file 24/07/2021 : Third T64 Patch/Addon and now is for the Aliens Eradication map !!! Also T64 Weapons Update : Watch fixed the Digiclone spawn after the player ends the level without destroy and when spawn again with another gun the Digiclone did not change weapons. Buff damage in Falcon 2 and increased fire rate for the Automatic 12 when you hold the fire button. Flame Belch in ice mode consume less ammo. Map 32 of vanilla mods will be played one theme song of T64 Weapons. Changed the assets/decorate of Pulse Rifle to avoid conflicts with Aliens Eradication also in T64 Weapons (GZDoom 4.5 Patch) was changed too.

- T64 Weapons (GZDoom 4.5 Patch) •• Update 21/07/2021 : Mode Tofu: The Mercenary it`s more dynamic and now if you die, the map, monsters and the timer will not reset and you will respawn at the beginning of the map. When you die you recover some ammo. Die several times will give you invincibility for a while, but you will be very light and enemy shots will push you back. The Mech from The Revenge Of The Mech mode not stuck at the beginning anymore from Aliens Eradication.

- T64 Weapons •• Update17/07/2021 : "Clean Version 2" - Finally removed the error message "GZDoom doesn't support executions..." from screen of GZDoom and now this message only appears on the console. Buff in Silenced Pistol and now your bullets penetrate the enemy like the "Punisher" from Resident Evil 4.

- T64 Health Regenerator Universal •• New file 13/07/2021 : This file will help you in your nightmares!!

- T64 Weapons •• Update 11/07/2021 : Big Update 2!! (Doom Eternal Weapon Pack) All remaining old weapons receive a upgrade that are the Doom 2016 guns can now be upgraded to Doom Eternal weapons, also the Nuke Pistol can be exchanged for CC40 Dostovei. Adjusted the size of Napalm weapon on screen. Eternal Unmaker has a better fire animations and receive a Utimate Buff Damage, when you have 3 Runes the weapon now have a chance to shoot 8 projectiles instead of 4 and more increased fire rate. Add more 9 aternatives themes of respective games present in this mod with Rock, Epic and Heavy Songs!!!

- T64 Monsters •• Update 09/07/2021 : Nerf on Incarnate projectile and updated some drops for the Big Update 2 of T64 Weapons.

- T64 HUD •• Update 27/06/2021 : Add Golden Rage info for The Man With The Golden Gun mode.

- T64 Weapons (GZDoom 4.5 Patch) •• Update 26/06/2021 : New mode : The Man With The Golden Gun.(More details in T64 Weapons GZDoom 4.5 Patch files).

- T64 Weapons •• Update 22/06/2021 : Fixed a bug with Alien Weapon (When you take the gun for the first time without cheating) that caused gzdoom to crash.

- T64 Weapons •• Update 12/06/2021 : Add new weapons Napalm Gel with focuses on Mines and Emaciator weapon capable of using projectiles from other weapons (More details in T64 Weapons files).

- T64 Weapons •• Update 06/06/2021 : New method to access Watch in Stinger (Press Alt.Fire and then Reload) and now is possible detonate the Digiclone. Add HD Zoom Sight for Plasma Rifle T2 and Pulse Rifle. Cerebral Bore add a new mode called Cerebral Possessor which has the function of make enemies fight by your side but consumes more ammo (Does not work in all enemies). Changed the visual for Multibeam of Minicannon and received a buff damage but only in this mode.

- T64 Weapons •• Update15/05/2021 : Talon add a Rip and Tear mode (More details in T64 Weapons files), Flame Belch can now inflicts burn effects, Grenade Launcher Alt.Fire now explodes in a multiples grenades, Raptor Magnum receive buff damage.

- T64 Weapons (GZDoom 4.5 Patch) •• New file 07/05/2021 : This file adust the size of menus giving a new appearance for GZDoom 4.5 and it also has a bonus that brings two new modes !!

- T64 Monsters •• Update 01/05/2021 : "Clean Version" (Fast Load) - Reduced some Script Warning and Script Error in GZDoom Load Screen (Only if you dont use with T64 Weapons, T64 Player and T64 HUD).The Remaining Warnings are information used by T64 Weapons.

- T64 Weapons •• Update 24/04/2021 : New weapon : Razor Wind (boomerang + hook), better effects of burn enemies for fire weapons (Vengeance Cannon, Eternal Unmaker, ALM, Skull Attack...).

- T64 Weapons •• Update 20/04/2021 : "Clean Version" (Fast Load) - Reduced 100% of Script Warning and Script Error in GZDoom Load Screen (Only for T64 Weapons, T64 Player and T64 HUD), Cerebral Bore can stop enemy a little more, Add more stuff. T64 Light Player has some reduce too.

- T64 Weapons •• Update 17/04/2021 : Big Update!! Add a Watch for you to see the time! (More details in T64 Weapons files). Serious!!! I recommend you to take a look at the details of this "Watch" there is something about Digiclone and Hellwalker from Borderlands 3...

- T64 Weapons : Zandronum Edition •• New file 10/04/2021 : T64 Weapons for Online Multiplayer.

- T64 Light Player •• New file 05/04/2021 : Lag reducer for T64 Weapons in Slaughter Maps, Old PC and Android.

- T64 Monsters •• Update 04/04/2021 : Dark Lord 64 v2.0 (More effect details).

- T64 Monsters •• Update 02/04/2021 : Add a Dark Lord 64 boss inspired in the current Doom Eternal dlc, now T64 Monsters works without T64 Weapons for who loves play only with vanilla weapons (Maybe another weapons packs are compatible too).

- Total Chaos: Hunk •• Update 23/02/2021 : Hunk has a Magnum and now your starting arsenal is complete. Add the 4th survivor theme for New Game +.

- T64 Weapons •• Update 20/02/2021 : Add another overpower weapon : Proton Cannon, + New Mod Visual, add Credits.

- T64 Weapons •• Update 15/02/2021 : Add a Desert Eagle weapon (Raptor Magnum).

- Total Chaos: Hunk •• Update 31/01/2021 : Add extended black gloves and a Blade to combine more with Hunk (Replace Talon).

- T64 Weapons •• Update 31/01/2021 : Machete replaced by Blade (In Total Chaos : Hunk replace Talon).

- T64 Weapons •• Update 23/01/2021 : Old weapons have been disabled, improved bfg sprite and zmg icon and now normal bullets have tracer.

- T64 HUD •• Update 19/01/2021 : Add Fonts and some Item Icons for those who just want to download only the hud (Normal Doom fonts and Icons were not aligned correctly).

- T64 Weapons •• Update 18/01/2021 : Weapons messages now in English.

T64 Weapons Part 1 :

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T64 Weapons Part 2 :

Added more prints with some of the best mods see "images".

T64 vs Doom: The Golden Souls 2 :

A small demonstration of the T64 package with the well-known Doom: The Golden Souls 2 !!

>>>>>Patch is need to work !!!<<<<<

T64 vs Super Gore Nest Arena (Doom Forever Version) :

Monsters and Weapons in Action

• Doom Forever : Doom Forever : T.U.C

T64 Making a safe area :

Using a combination of weapons and allies you can create a good area to defend and attack.

T64 vs Star Wars :

The T64 weapons are quite varied that can even be combined with Star Wars mods!

• T64 Star Wars OST : T64 Star Wars OST - Simple Music Pack + Alternative Screen Ending

T64 vs Diabolus Ex :

Good weapons combine with great scenarios!

T64 vs Total Chaos : (Old Test)

This makes the game like Resident Evil 2 : The 4th Survivor.

T64 More Support vs Aliens Eradication 

Digiclone, Napalm Robot and Transformer Vulcan + T64 Health Regenerator

>>>>>Need Patch<<<<<
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