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Doom Exp has tons of adjustable settings to customize the gameplay to your personal preference. The gameplay mod focuses on high mobility, arcade style gameplay and mainly just be a lot of fun. Gain experience by destroying everything that crosses your path. The experience is then utilized as currency to buy upgrades. Upgrade your character and become a blade wielding, dash attacking, super stomping, gun crazed maniac.

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Doom Exp v2.5

Doom Exp - 2.5

Embrace Doom Exp 2.5! Many improvements added to increase the awesomeness. Now with the all new Cryobow that you can transform into a high powered ballista.

Cryobow specifics:

Primary fire = Frost bolt
Alternative fire = Charge bolts. The more you charge the more bolts get added. Highest charge is similar to the mini nuke but with a lower blast radius and doesn't hurt the player.

Cryobow store upgrades:

Cluster bomb = Frost bolt that can bounce off of walls and has a frost cluster explosion on impact.
High powered ballista = Two argent powered bolts. It also converts your frost cluster bolt into a cluster explosion bolt.

Cacodemons swallow grenades just like in Doom Eternal.

2.5 Dev Build already has some cool new features like the Phoenix Dash Attack and Glacier Smash Attack:


- Pistol start exits reset health back to 100.
- Archvile buffed. More HP and an alternate attack added.
- No Ammo/Health spawns option added. (Disables Healthbonus, Armorbonus, Medikit, Stimpack and all ammo types spawns)
- Bug fixed with ammo drops from poop not giving ammo.
- No Ammo/Health spawns option "On", also reduces weapon drop chance for monsters.
- All rocket types and BFG projectile spawn floor decals when impacting on floors.
- Chainsaw goes into normal (non fire) mode when you run out of fuel.
- Chainsaw drains fuel slightly faster on use.
- Crosshair bug fix on Rocketlauncher.
- Combo and domination rewards added.
- Extra Life deaths punishments added (-5 Power Nodes and -5k XP)
- Dismembered arachnotron head moves around on floor.
- Dismenbered pinky head is shootable now and does a animation similar to the barons head.
- Made Doom Exp compatible with the gearbox mini mod. GZDoom 4.5 required
- Killer Instinct announcer added.
- Massacre added for killing lots of monsters at once.
- TimeFreeze power up now initiates creepy FEAR ambiance when active.
- Improved visibility on bright backgrounds for the ability icons and power node icon.
- Hud icons (except rank and PN + XP) no longer get displayed on the map screen.
- Rewards are now logged in console so players can read them after they disappear from Hud.
- Not being able to die with extra life mode disabled fixed.
- Resurrect blast spawns floor decal now.
- You no longer get extra life award messages when extra life mode is disabled.
- HyperFragon25 announcer added to the announcer selections.🦊
- Pistol start enabled takes away all armor on next map.
- Baron of Hell jump attack added.
- Pistol starts enabled will give the player a chainsaw with 50 fuel on start.
- HyperFragon25 announcer pack updated.
- Marauder additional death sprite added.
- Fists can no longer be dropped.
- Chaingun pulse rounds primary consumes 2 bullets per shot and does more damage.
- BFG now has it's own ammo type.
- BFG ammo has a rare chance to replace a cell pack.
- Completionist lootboxes have a higher chance of dropping BFG ammo.
- Fuel orb added.
- BFG or Fuel orb drop chance added to the store.
- Buy BFG core added to store.
- Increase ammo capacity adds +1 to the BFG capacity.
- Ranks go up to 60 now with new icons.
- Cleaned up some spaghetti code.
- XP and PN overlays on top of store screen.
- Dash indicator can be disabled in Exp Hud Settings.
- Marauder's long distance dash attack now does a flying kick.
- Punch wall effects added.
- Auto Shotgun selection added to option menu.
- Buy menu reopens after purchasing something from the store.
- Hardcore Mode difficulty added (Only works on GZDoom 4.5 or newer).
- Fixed recharge sound for blade wave with glorypoints.
- Overlord spawns lost souls instead of those annoying exploding entities.
- Cleaned up the monster death script handler. From 1000 lines of code to only 400 with the same effect.
- Hardcore mode makes monsters do 50% more damage now.
- Ability indicator On/Off switch added to Doom Exp HUD Settings.
- Fullscreen HUD Health and Ammo indicators display above 999 now.
- Polished argent blade sprite and brightmaps.
- Lowered scale on berserk indicator and moved slightly.
- Summoned stores will set a marker on the automap.
- Ammo capacity and health upgrade menu rearranged.
- Cryobow added.
- Slightly increased chances of medikit spawning lootbox and lootbox containing cryobow.
- Buying weapon box from store can also contain cryobow.
- Healthbonus, Soulsphere and megasphere heal beyond 200 now.
- PyroDemon has no more fire walk effect. PyroDemon and ArchonOfHell now emit embers.
- Scope keybind added.
- Major lag issue fixed with quad damage power up spawning thousands of actors, due to a loop state.
- Death penalties can individually be disabled now. Lose PN or XP on death.
- Buy menu rearranged for better clarity.
- Low Ammo & Health sounds by HF25 added.
- Item bug fixed where Power Node containers would be counted as items.
- Painelemental, Enhanced & -Cacodemons can swallow grenades and blow up.
- Archvile projectile attack and Baron jump attack can be disabled in monster management.
- Crucible mechanic update. You can now hold down fire to swing back the sword and hold it in it's swung back state. Upon release you perform the attack.
- Store randomly emits funny arcade sounds.


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Feel free to join our discord server for exclusive info or to share your thoughts and suggestions. If you are experiencing problems you might get a faster response there as well. Also get early access to development builds of the mod.


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