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Doom 3 Evolution is a Single-Player Game-Play Conversion Mod. It is meant to be played with original Doom 3 storyline/levels.

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Patch to 2.2 and SikkMod Addon are done and uploaded (awaiting auth atm -8th aug-).
The list of fixed bugs and re-designs:
- Moved Character Info to the PDA.
- Added Psychic Power/Cybernetic Implant/Genetic Modifier Info to the Intro map speciality window, and the mc-utility secondary speciality consoles.
- Fixed the random loot generator ( used to spawn 2 or 3 of the same items ).
- Changed most weapons damage and accuracy for better ballance.
- Changed most weapons ammo pickups for better ballance.
- Fixed Tool Belt bug where you couldn't build an item if you had the exact ammount of junk it needed.
- Doubled junk usage for all items ( level 1 is 2 junk, level 5 is 10 etc. ).
- New tool "Armor Repair Tool" in place of "Micro-Crystal Gel" ( MCG is no longer buildable ).
- Moved tools around.
- Changed small SG ammo to a +12 Junk tool box.
- Changed Security Armor model to Large Med Kit model, gives +1 Pistol and Chainsaw XP.
- Changed Large Med Kit to Small Med Kit model. Both heal 8 health points.
- Negative buff checks are increased to 80-100% chance. Improved checking script.
- "Reflective Field" now adds 30% Armor Protection.
- Added natural Psychic and Bio Energy regeneration ( instead of the forced, damaging one ). You can regenerate 1 Psychic Energy if you have none left. You can regenerate 2 Bio-Energy if you have none left ( 4 if you have the "Resistance" Gene Mod ).
- Zombies, Sawyers, Bernies, ZSecs and Commandos do not see you when Cerebral Reprogramming is on now.
- Fixed a bug where you wouldn't get the Gene Mod bonuses sometimes.
- More smaller ones, as well as some balancing issues.

To install follow the readmes.
*As always*

- Contact me if you have any questions or suggestions.
- All bug feedback is welcome as well ( although I hope there aren't any left to report :P ).

Peace. Out.


Great news, guess I have to play Doom 3 again asap!

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