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To be clear the Doom 1 download is a level fusion with all Doom 1 episodes in one single level with no loading screens. The Doom 2 download is basically the same but with all doom 2 episodes. Each download is a continuous level/map. Read the download page for more info.

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(I'm aware of bugs on both builds, I'm looking into them, just remember this may take some time, most bugs ignore in co-op, less buggy in multiplayer but feel free to point out any bugs in the comments so I can look into it)

Currently I'm updating my news to say that I have once again been
busy, got the Doom 2 compiled, ready, thankfully not as buggy but more stable while the Doom 1
compile is still isn't bug free yet and I'm also currently
experimenting with fusing these insanely big maps but having trouble
with it so that might take a while.

Here's the link for the Doom 2 continuous Map: (including all Doom 2 episodes in one level/map) DOWNLOAD HERE

Also feel free to check the full map image here if your curious about how big the Doom map has got:
Full Doom 2 on 1 level
Also you can easily download the current build here:

Full Doom 1 on 1 level with plenty of bugs

Also feel free to check the full map image here if your curious about how big the Doom map has got:

Doom 1, All levels combined

Overall this project is still on-going so anything you see here may
eventually change, testing will occur over time. Also I'm only one
person so sometimes progress may not be as often or like this week it
may end up...............with a ton of updates.

So drop a comment, spread the work, feel free to point any problems
or if you have tips on how to fix some issues since I could do with as
much help as I can get. I'm aware the Doom 1 build has plenty of issues
so if anyone has any ideas on how to fix these problems then I'm open to
ideas on how to fix them.

Also I have made told that it works with some mods so feel free to try them.

*Flame* - - 290 comments

O_O Whoa . .

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Robert_Carmichael - - 15 comments

0_o Holy carp, that is awesome!

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Ronnie42 Author
Ronnie42 - - 217 comments


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Shot846 - - 270 comments

Doom 2 Bug?: I start at the icon of sin and when i go into the teleporter nothing happens and if i go forward i get out of the map.

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Ronnie42 Author
Ronnie42 - - 217 comments

Well like been saying, the project is mostly beta so thanks for letting me know.

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Guest - - 689,283 comments

I have the same and when the icon of sin starts spawning monsters they just walk through you and dont attack

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Ronnie42 Author
Ronnie42 - - 217 comments

I have noticed this issue mainly at the start, beginning area's of the game, thanks for feedback, I have been fixing the spawning, as for the 'monsters' glitching well I have noticed it only seems to be happening at the first level section, at the 'icon of sin', am looking into the first level glitching in Doom 1 but at moment it's 'trial and error' at moment since having to do several test by myself to try troubleshoot what's causing the problem.

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plazma82 - - 71 comments

pc hardware has updated this should be picked up

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