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... AS IT WAS MEANT TO BE ... BannerPage 2.1 update is out! This is not standalone you need first to download BannerPage 2.1. BannerPage already had a great reception and BannerPage 2.0 is expanding and improving BannerPage in every possible way.

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BannerPage 2.1 Update

This is not standalone you first need to download and install BannerPage 2.0 first.

Installation Instructions can be found here.

After you have installed 2.0 just unpack and the add 2.1 update on top of it and when asked to - overwrite.

If you were using Quantity plugin just reinstall it.

It should be save compatible unless you are in the middle of the already started Freelancer Campaign.


Enjoy Jousting for the first time in MB series!


This update is mainly focused on further upgrading and balancing Freelancer feature experience. Previously BannerPage was first to remove all known bugs from it's last version and now after your feedback (Thank you!) all potential exploits got addressed too. There was a split public opinion around the "Commander being captured controversy" but compromise solution was found and both sides of the player base agreed on it.


  • Retirement - allowed to retire after serving minimum service period of 60 days
  • Leave - allowed to go on leave after serving minimum service period of 14 days.
  • Leave used to be 2 weeks now its only 48 hours. Enough to sell some loot and check the news.
  • If your Commander Lord gets imprisoned by the enemy you will now have 60 days to find him and bail him out (instead of only 20 as it was previously), before he calls you deserter. This is usually ( please note - not always) enough for Lord to get out of the prison without your intervention.
  • Each military rank promotion nets you faction relation increase too.
  • Each military rank promotion gives you commander relation increase too.
  • After two months of service you'll probably end up with somewhere around 30 Commander and 15 Faction Relation points

Other changes:

  • Whistle for horse while hunting added.
  • New mercenary troop - Turcopole in place of Nomad Veteran Archer who has been removed
  • Village Protection Money can now be collected every month. In order to scare Village Elder and make him pay you, you need to have really negative honor. He will pay you more if he fears you more.
  • Lowered AI Lord's building improvement frequency
  • Tweaked effects of AI Lord's improvements
  • Vegetation (flora) tweaks - it takes 10-15 battles to get it fully going
  • New Ahmerrad Arena
You can reward BannerPage dev by
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Thank you!

Your help is highly appreciated.


BANNERPAGE is not OSP, that especially refers to BannerPage assets, which are easier to grab, every single item or scene prop was edited and very often reworked, model, shaders, textures, mip maps, vertex colors, vertex animations, rigging, LODs...You can ask though, send a PM.


Awesome mate
People returning from Banerlord to play Bannerpage,thats the real deal

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Great work!!
Can't wait to try it out.
I've become addicted to this mod lol

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