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The latest multiplayer pre-alpha version of Dominoze is up, now with 20% more content!

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I've spent so much time working on Hyperspace Pinball in the past week, that Dominoze development has nearly come to a halt! But I kept plugging away with design help from Bryan Taylor, and the latest build has matured a bit.

The video demonstrates some new editor features, including shadows, textures, undo/redo support, rotating shapes on the fly, snapping, and some new content. Of course the dominoes don't fall right, so I'll need to work on that a bit.

The next steps are to fix known bugs and then add support for terraforming. The end-goal here is to create the first tutorial level. After that, I'll make other tutorial levels; after that, the campaign mode and sandbox mode.

Feel free to try the existing pre-alpha at with your friends!

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