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The Dominoze Construction Kit web app has had a minor (yet big) update.

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A new version of the Dominoze Construction Kit has been uploaded to

With these changes:

- Fixed bug where gravity was 9.8 cm/s^2. That explains the slow marble falling.
- Decreased surface friction for faster marble rolls
- Added support for saving your set online (you must click on the Home button and choose to quit the game). The save carries over in both server and off-line mode.
- Major scaling overhaul. Instead of holding down the shift key and scaling in one direction at a time, there are now eight corner "pegs" for the focus object. You can drag them around to resize the object (note: Some objects scale differently). I find this to be much more natural.
- Fixed bug where dragging arrows / spirals get hidden behind objects or are otherwise hard to see. This entailed a complete overhaul of the focus controller.
- Made it so when you click and drag an object around, it simply follows you on the XZ plane instead of jumping all over the place.
- Added new object: Gear! (Sorry, no speed controls)
- Press C for easy cloning. It will even rotate the color!
- Added skybox

Latest screenshot:

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