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seeking input from the community as to whether the mod should be remodeled as a DoD-Source conversion

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well, been a little too long, I have been remiss in my efforts to bring this mod along, I've been working too much, the intense concentration required to "Hammer Out" maps and models and deal with all the other elements of making a mod are just a little too much for one person.

As an effort like this is a community work-in-progress, I really need alot of help from other talented members of the community. Granted, there has been some mis-management of things on my part, members notwithstanding, but it seems that people interested in making content for the mod fizzle out very quickly, to be sure, it is boat-loads of work to make the content.

So this NEWS item is posted here to gauge interest in converting the mod to a Day of Defeat Source conversion, to bypass some of the troubles I have had - mainly character model and coding problems.

We have a few very talented people on board still, but life is tough these days, so I can appreciate it is difficult for people to apply the sort of time and effort to the mod after busting their butts to scratch out a living in the big, bad world

I would like to see some comments from the community about what they think needs to happen with the mod, especially as it concerns converting it to a DoD Source mod

thanks for readingKursk City pic


That might be a good shout. Taking on a Total conversion mod like this is a big task and if you had assets from DoD it would make the workload a lot more manageable. That being said, I don't think you would be able to add any custom code features, which may limit some of your freedom to design. But in the long run it may be a good starting point and you can build from there. Whatever you decide, best of luck. :)

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uberkirsche Author

thanks for your comment - as far as adding custom code, whatever coding changes are emplaced are just locked into the build, it is a "conversion" of DoDs, mainly in terms of using the player models and some other content, the GUI would be different while some things would remain similar to DoDs, but it will still be a stand-alone mod - thanks bro

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