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More info on what the dialog system looks like but also what is planned to be into a beta, what is a gamescene for us, or a minigame.

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Since the game is partly based on some dialog choices, and that the narrative part of the game is a very important aspect, I'd like to show you some screen of the dialog system.

What the dialog system looks like ?

Colored box depending on which character is talking + little mouths when they talk, hu hu.

Doctor Who Brilliant Game : Dialog System

Doctor Who Brilliant Game : Dialog System Doctor Who Brilliant Game : Dialog System

You might notice that you didn't get the full conversation ^^.

Anyway, serious business ! What is planned for the Beta ?

We've made a lot of cuts to be good with the really small delay we've got.
Nothing on audio part has been integrated so far. We hope to get a few themes for the beta, and while all the sounds from the original series are available, it's a little bit complicated to get all the other stuff.

10 Minigames. (some are very short : QTE for clara's klaxon in the intro) or a little bit longer (sonic screwdrivers repetition sequence in the prison)

16 GameScenes. Since a scene is like '1569 prison', or 'timelock farm'. Some of them are also used twice during the whole game, at different moments (and are count in the 16 scenes as uniques). Some of them are also optional, depending on your choices.

Approximately (considering the fact that some of them includes minigames, some others only a few dialogs in thirty seconds..) every scene is approximately 1 minute length. So you can make the count. And it's actually pretty cool for a game that didn't used constantly the same minigames or is based on a unique gameplay. So say we all !

On an other part..We've been lastly working on some sub-menus integrations, first steps on newgrounds API integration (my first, not sure I will be fast enough to implement savegame though..)

Thanks to Tardib for there last news !

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