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Yesterday I released my spacecraft building and flight sim. This game is the basis for my bachelors thesis and I am hoping that some people might give it a try and send some feedback.

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Hello folks,

Yesterday I have decided that my most recent project is ready for open alpha testing.

It is a spacecraft building sandbox game, heavily inspired by Celestial Command. Your job is to build and command a small spaceship. Using this ship (and your superior knowledge of realistic orbital maneuvering) you can fly between stations, accept quests and trade materials to upgrade your creation.

I did not work on this project just for fun. Actually its my bachelor thesis and therefore the game will annoy you to send some feedback (if you opt-in). I want to use the collected data to draw some graphs and reach some fancy conclusions for my paper.

I have tried my best to make the game as accessible as possibly, but, judging from the closed alpha tests, I have done poorly. Be sure to play the tutorial, even if it sucks, read through the key bindings on the right side of the screen and don't be afraid to restart via the Main Menu. I have also put together a small FAQ.



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