Docking Denied is a spacecraft building sandbox game, heavily inspired by Celestial Command. Your job is to build and command a small spaceship. Using this ship (and your superior knowledge of realistic orbital maneuvering) you can fly between stations, accept quests and trade materials to upgrade your creation.

This project is part of a bachelor thesis about quest design. Therefore, its purpose is to collect quest data (opt-in) and player feedback.



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This is my first game trailer ever and I am quite happy with it, although it has some quirks.

I'm still looking for testers to play the game, since it is important for my bachelors thesis. So if you have a slight interest in space games, feel free to try it, its free :)


New Cruiser MkI Class on final Approach


4 Thrusters together with very low total Mass yield great Acceleration

DD SoF10

How to use the Navigation Lines? Activate them in the top bar, click at your Target Station and try to align the orange Lines (oversimplified, but for small Distances it should be good enough)

DD SoF11

If you don't know what you are doing, keep an Eye on your Altitude at all Times, below 70km your Cockpit will start to smell like Kentucky Fried Chicken

Docking Denied - Ship on Fire is now available in Early Access

Docking Denied - Ship on Fire is now available in Early Access


Yesterday I released my spacecraft building and flight sim. This game is the basis for my bachelors thesis and I am hoping that some people might give...

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DD-SoF 0.8 Marginally profitable [Win]

DD-SoF 0.8 Marginally profitable [Win]

Full Version

Docking Denied - Ship on Fire, Version 0.8, Windows Download.

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