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New release! Includes new duke enemies, new alt fires, options to fight doom enemies, tons of improvements, optimizations and bugfixes.

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This new release (v.1.07) includes tons of improvements, optimizations and bugfixes.

Some highlights and dev. diaries:

New Duke enemies: N64 Trooper, Green Octabrain variant, Cyber Enforcer.

New alt fires for: Shrinker, Expander, Shotgun, Chaingun, Tripbomb.

New option to fight DooM enemies (they are improved to fit this mod, and their chance of appearance can be selected on a per monster, sector or level basis)

Screenshot Doom 20210802 230623

Screenshot Doom 20210803 030240

Screenshot Doom 20210803 032644

The optimizations and performance options give an overall performance boost, even on slaughter maps.

Download DN3DooM v1.07b

DN3DooM v1.07

Credits and full changelog inside the mod.

Update 2022.06.11: quick fix to solve a crash when killing pain elementals on delta touch.

Please download this file again.


I'll be brutally honest, I enjoy this a lot more than any EDuke32 mod made, even War of Attrition.

Most excellent job, just played it for about 3 hours or so straight, so much fun that I couldn't believe it, all I wanted to do is "try" it and instead of that I'm just enjoying it too much that I'm progressing through a wad I thought was "average".

I especially love the ability to switch between Duke or Doom monsters, and it can be between 0 to 100%, it's an amazingly well done idea.

I only have one question, but I do hope it isn't bothersome...Will there be any plans for some kind of optional "War of Attrition" type of gameplay?
The basics of "War of Attrition" is that, your weapons level up the more you use them, getting some cool unique perks, like the pistol being able to pierce and cause bleeding shots or the shotgun gaining accuracy and more shell count.
It's not just weapons that level up, but your enemies, they'll become harder and harder, some may even be replaced by mini-bosses.

It's a huge task I'm sure, and I'm not sure if it will be worth it, since I myself can live without it, like I said I find DN3Doom much more fun than "War of Attrition".

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kipo50 Author

Thanks for the kind words. That's an interesting concept, I remember War of Attrition being so much fun. But you are right, it is a huge task. To answer your question, there are no plans for such a feature at the moment, but that doesn't mean it won't be added in the future.

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Do you have any plans for maps?

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kipo50 Author

Not in the short term, I've not made a single map ever, so I don't know how that works yet.

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