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In these videos we show you some gameplay matches we made between 4 players

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In these videos we show you some gameplay matches we made between 4 players.

We are aware of the many bugs that appear in the videos and we will be fixing them.
These videos do not represent the final product.

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Gunship_Mark_II - - 4,864 comments

Voted on Greenlight, i really hope you will get on steam.

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alfio1990 - - 14 comments

best unity fps ever O.O

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The_Silver - - 1,221 comments

I voted on Greenlight too! :D Amazing work! :)

I have a suggestion, considering the accuracy that you've put in the representation of the telescopic sights can you fix the reflector/holographic sights like the EOTech so that the reticle is visible only when the gun is properly alligned to the view just like it works in real life?

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TacticalDan - - 43 comments

Been following this for a while! Nice to see it being played in multiplayer now! Keep sharp.

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notaclevername - - 522 comments

Fixing those funny limb jerks, when dying and switching to a rag doll, is a must. Other than that this games has really came together, from a one man project to a vary small team, you have accomplished so much. You have my vote, and please keep polishing and adding to it before the final release.

Is there a hardcore mode where it takes less bullets to kill players?

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