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First look at the rains factions new ice golem resource collector unit.

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In doing the design on the Rain Faction's Ice Golem we wanted to create a unit that would not only be easy to spot, both in the world but also in its design and a look that could become iconic

In Disciples of the Storm, each faction has basic golems that can be constructed as initial resource collectors. We are aiming to give each of the four faction's golem their own unique look to be connected to that faction.

In ancient times it was believed that golems were vessels created from clay and brought to life by scrolls placed inside them. We wanted to carry over this element but with a slight change, instead of scrolls it will be the spirits of priests that have been captured and offered up to the Tempest as a sacrifice; having been returned by the Deities to serve as untiring servants to their temples for a time before being reincarnated, completing a cycle.

Rain Faction Resource collecting Ice Golem

For the Rain Faction we wanted to create a unit that was imposing and embodied the element of water. We also wanted to carry over the priest's headdress and mask theme, having tribalistic look for the main body.

Disciples Of The Storm: Ice golem mesh

Since golems are able to pick up and collect an immobilized enemy priest we needed a unit that look strong, able to restrain, with massive hands gripping the enemy as it transports the priest.

Disciples Of The Storm: Ice golem mesh

Link for video of animation and 360 view of model of animation can be found on our Kickstarter update page here

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