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An update pertaining to the game's development and so on.

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Hello followers. This is Tabuu reporting.

I wish to provide you with another progress update, since my last one was 2 weeks or so ago.

So, what I'm currently doing is importing each and every asset the game will need that I currently have access to. While I wait for the remaining ones, I will use and work with what I have. I have plenty of content to work with for the time being. At least a few months worth of work is awaiting me.

So, what I have decided to do is to work on test characters (the Alloys from Brawl in this instance) and send them to a former Comp Sci classmate of mine for playability testing. This way I know if I'm on the right track before working on the playable cast. I just have to animate and script the Alloys since their models are available.

Speaking of assets, I am going through a host of game soundtracks in raw format for songs I want to either re-arrange / remix or use outright. I am also searching within myself for more original songs and remixes. I also imported 3 or so graphic asset packages made by Unity themselves for stuff like generic graphical effects.

Next I am considering making more menus despite what my friend told me. This would include a debug screen for my own use.

So with that I must leave you. A ton of work must still be done. :)

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