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Another update about the estimated release timeframe of the TRON 2.0 KILLER APP Mod, and illustrating some more important features of the mod.

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This will be the final news update before the release of the Killer App Mod. Below you will also find the final pre-release preview trailer. No more trailers will be posted until after the mod becomes available.

This trailer shows, for the first time, 1280x720 widescreen in the 16:9 aspect ratio. Not only that: it shows corrected widescreen menus, and the new Derez 3-D Powerups. Note that this is still WORK IN PROGRESS, but the mod is finally nearly complete and will probably go into private testing within a couple of weeks. Then it will become publically available shortly thereafter. The release is close now.

It's best to watch the trailer in higher quality HD so you can see the details better.

In case anyone is wondering, the map seen in the trailer is a custom map called IO-ERROR. It's not something that's included with the mod, but can be downloaded separately.

Due to the sheer number of updates that the mod will make to the game, from the most minor to the major, and because not all the planned features may end up in the upcoming release: the next version of the mod will likely be released as an Open Beta. This will allow for the fact that not all features may be complete, and also to allow testing by a broad range of users, to help discover any problems that may crop up. These issues will be dealt with in another future and final version, based on everyone's feedback.

Thanks from the LDSO and Killer App Mod teams.


Sounds like great progress. However, is there a 16:10 setting as well? I use a 16:10 monitor at 1440x900, and I don't believe it supports 16:9 resolutions.

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TronFAQ Author

Yes, both 16:9 and 16:10 widescreen are supported in the mod. I use a 16:10 monitor myself.

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