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In this post we show some of the updates on the implementation of mechanics into our game, mainly the dialogue system.

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Hello again everyone!

This week we're here to show you some updates on our mechanics implementation.
Since last time we've been able to implement the base for a dialogue system which will be used a lot throughout our game.

The style of dialogue will be dialogue boxes above the speaking character's head.
So far we've been able to add these to when the player interacts with an NPC, with the NPC speaking some lines.


We've also added dialogue above the player character, which might be used when they respond to an NPC or comment about something they interacted with.


Each NPC or interactable can have their own dialogue and they can have as many lines as needed.
Here's a showcase of these features in action.


For the final game, the player character and any NPC will be able to have a conversation with the boxes switching between the 2 of them that can change depending on when it takes place, and also automatic dialogue that comes up during the story.

Regarding interactions with objects, the idea for the game is that the player will have to get close to them and then inspect them by clicking with the mouse pointer.

So that concludes our updates for this week. Next up for implementation will be the conversations between characters and then the object inspection, and also we'll be sharing some news soon regarding a change in the art style and color scheme of our game, so look forward to that on our Twitter over the coming weeks.

Thank you for reading, and until next time!

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