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After having spent the past few weeks slowly organising the Dialogs and their NodeID's, it is my hope that it will end up being a permanent solution to the infamous dialog skipping bug of KotOR2.

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The infamous dialog skipping of KotOR2, which has plagued the game since it's release is quite the immersion breaker and can certainly ruin a playthrough if you end up losing hours or more of gameplay in order to see whatever dialog was skipped over when it occurred.

After examining the dialog files that are renowned for their skipping, I have come to the conclusion that it is caused by as misnumbering of the nodeID's that are assigned to each line of dialog.

Finding them to be ultimately mis-numbered and relatively dis-ordered, often having higher values than the associated amount of lines of dialog, as well as obviously missing numbers inbetween those values.

I suspect that this was caused by the last minute rush to rip content out of the game and release it.

It is my hope that after having properly ordered every line of dialog in the port, it will shed some light or at the least prove one way or the other if the dialog skipping issue truly is a memory leak in the executable or if it is as I suspect, a memory leak caused by the dialog files themselves, which of course would still manifest itself inside the executable.

Keep an eye out for dialog skipping as of the next patch ( 1.0.8 ) which I will be releasing in the next week or two, this is only for the Port at the moment as I chose to use it as a testing ground to diagnose the problem before tweaking every dialog in KotOR 2.


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