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Some information about tactical features in the Star Souls game.

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When you imagine space, you are always thinking about the countless dangers that astronauts are waiting for: from micro particles, mercilessly bombarding a spaceship, to huge black holes that tear and absorb any substance.
Asteroids and space debris is a real problem for space explorers. In Star Souls, these cosmic threats become the part of the active environment that a player can use to win. Avoid flying asteroids, destroy an obstacle from space debris - otherwise you will lose! The player will have to be on the alert, flying through the asteroid fields, but it also poses a threat to the enemies who may not notice the meteorites.

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We made spaceships in Star Souls more maneuverable. Now it can turn when necessary: ​​squeeze among the space debris, arrange an obstacle, in order to protect the main ship.

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Star Souls has an analog of dense gas nebulae, where the ship can hide from enemies, at the same time becoming half-blind. If there are no forces to fight now, you can play for time by hiding in the nebula.
All these innovations diversify the gameplay and will not let the player get bored. Remove coffee aside - maximum concentration and attention!

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