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First playable demo of Interference for Windows and OSX.

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First playable demo of Interference is online !

This build is an alpha demo and don't reflect the final quality of the game.
In this demo, you have only access to 2 missions. In the full game, you'll have to explore the full city.

It's best played with an xbox360 gamepad !
Basic controls are not fully explained but here is the full list :
Movement : Left Stick or WASD
Look Around : Right Stick or Middle-click (then drag)
Zoom In/Out : Left/Right Triggers or Middle mouse button
Jump : A or Space (or W)
Note : if you are on a azerty keyboard, when you launch the game don't forget to remap the inputs WASD.

If you like it, don't hesitate to follow and support Interference on IndieDB and Steam Greenlight.
If you don't like it, don't hesitate to tell me why.

Guest - - 687,512 comments

Love the graphics and overall aesthetic of the world you've created, already looks better than a lot of indie games on steam.

One criticism I have is about the controls. A drop down from platform the player currently is on is needed. The Jump out then walk back to the ledge is kind of counter intuitive.

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HeadClot - - 461 comments

The art Style Immediately Got my attention. So awesome job on the Art.

I would also agree that the controls need work.

Other than that Awesome I like it so far!

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RedRavenRed - - 2 comments

it looks nice but you have completely forgotten to list commands during the mission tutorials.. so i was stuck at the very beginning.

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