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Started a discord server and some more concepts of creatures.

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Project is finally back on track. i had few artists before and i hired few others. modelling of characters, creatures, hard surface, environment, weapons etc is going on simultaneously. i also got new screen writer, sound designer and AI programmer. we all working on the demo for crowdfunding. The most important work that need to be done is marketing, once the demo completes. Before that i want to create a community around this game, however small it may be. so i started a discord server few days back. whoever reading this and finds this project interesting are welcome to join our discord. Even though this game is in early stage, if you happen to know the best ways to promote this game, please do tell me on discord. I'm on this full time and I'm almost available everyday.

Discord Link:

Demo/Prototype game has two environments, forest and sci-fi city. i have few more updates on enemy creatures of forest. we didn't name these creatures yet.

1) Lizard (Organic enemy)

It holds a laser gun with a chain saw attached to it. it shoots laser bullets and also melee attacks with chain saw.

2) Mushroom (Tree Like Enemy)

These enemies live in like herds. it emits acidic petals when ruptured with metal or with each other conduct electricity. Tree boss uses this enemy to create high energy electric wave.

3) Defender (Tree Like Enemy)

These enemies live in multiple groups and can defend any area.

4) Rock Level 1(Stone Like Enemy)

It attacks by rolling towards player. it can throw rocks at player.

5) Rock Level 2(Stone Like Enemy)

It attacks by charging towards player. it can levitate stones on its back and hit the player.

6) Rock Boss(Stone Like Enemy)

It can charge towards player. it can shoot fire bullets. it can send high energy heat wave towards player. it can throw lava from its back.

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