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A quick chat about how the sound effects of Finger Fight were made and how they will be implemented in the game.

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Hello fellows, Fernando here. This next post is about what you will hear in Finger Fight.

Since the beginning, our idea of sounds was based on imitation: the idea of a child imitating the sounds they listened in an old game. So, we started with this basic idea and started recording our sounds using nothing more than our mouths and imagination, imitating old arcade games. Thankfully, we could use lent equipment and a proper room to record our sounds.

After recording our audio, it was time to remix it and search for royalty-free music which would fit our project, since the artists who we intended to make the soundtrack were not available.

Each character has several arrays of audio clips for each action, containing variations of those sounds which are chosen randomly. We recorded at least two different groans per action for each enemy to guarantee audio variety.

Then, we had some problems with Unity’s PlayOneShot() function that made a single audio play every time a condition was attended, such as every time the player entered contact with an enemy, its audio shot of taking damage played one shot per frame, leading to horrible results. We had to use a custom function which took in consideration the length of the desired audio shot, allowing subsequent shots to be played only after the previous shot has ended.

Script for our custom play sound function

This function is used in both player and enemy scripts, and an example of its use can be seen in the image below:

How the CustomPlayOneShot() method is used inside the respective command functions

The video below shows a small demonstration of which sounds you can expect to listen while playing our game. We did not used music for now because we want all issues with the sound effects to be solved first.

Please also consider participating in our Name-a-character contest on Twitter.

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