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Another week, another devlog! This week is all about showing off our brilliant artist’s latest works! We’ve got pots, we’ve got pillars, we’ve got it all! Check it out!

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A Touch of Art, A Touch of Warmth

( Devlog #8? What happened to #7! It's over on our dev page: Devlog #7 - A new Look, A new Logo )

Heyo! And welcome, yet again, to this weeks’ Dyadic developer blog! As per usual, I'm Jack, Creative Director for Handsome Dragon Games, here to give you the low down on what’s been happening. This week is all about art, because we've got a whole lot more now. And, spoiler alert, it looks great.

So now that we've got all of these fantastic visual pieces ready to go into the game, I've been dedicating my time to doing another aesthetic pass of all the Greenlight levels, so naturally they’re looking better than ever! Let’s take a look at some of the new art we've got and make a few placeholder comparisons.

Firstly, the humble lever. At first it was nothing more than a column squeezed onto a button base, but now it has its own style. And it actually looks comfortable to pull too.

Old Lever ArtNew Lever ArtPlaceholder lever (left) VS Current lever (right)

Next up, the moving platform. Once just a simple black bar, now a fully mechanised wonder of engineering.

Old Platform ArtMoving Platform Art
Placeholder platform (left) VS Current platform (right)

And let’s not forget our old friend, the bird. It’s still a bird. We don’t actually have any new art for it yet.

The bird. Jared still isn't an artist.

But it’s not just new art for mechanics that we've got this week. We've got a whole host of new decorations for the game.

Pots Art
Like pots.

Pipes Art

Pillar Art

Shrine Art
Places of potential worship.

Debris Art
And debris.

This week, we’ve got it all. Bringing it all together really gives the levels a feeling that is much warmer and more ‘alive’, so to speak.

G 2 EndHere’s the level (well, some of it) in all its current glory.

And that’s a look at this weeks’ art. Now as you’ve probably guess, there’s still plenty of art left to be done. But it’ll all be here soon enough. And when it is, you can be sure you’ll find me showing it off right here. So make sure you come back then, okay?

Until next time,

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