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Hi there, a month after Devlog #6 we now bring news to you again about current game development state.

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Hi there,

a month after Devlog #6 we now bring news to you again about current game development state.

Almost all of the major features are implemented, some features are still missing. The more complex, higher-level features we announced in previous articles will find their way into the game over time as we first want to have a reliably functioning base game.

Currently we are working on eliminating most of the major issues and are also solving the minor ones that constantly appeared throughout testing. Furthermore we are tweaking gameplay elements and try to make the basic UI more user-friendly. Of course, the UI is not yet in its final state and required to be worked on for all of the planned features. However with community feedback we’ll have the UI changed and polished during development phase providing the best user experience.

As we are soon going to release our very first EA build, please expect more or less major and minor issues. Those are the first things we’ll address during early release cycles after EA release.

Some issues exist in the global map/sextant and the save system. We are working hard to have them fully functional at EA release but there is also a chance we’ll have those features ready shortly after first public release version. The price for the EA game will still be lower than the price for the final game to reflect the limited and/or missing functionality. At EA release we are offering an additional 15% discount for a full week.

G4GTeam is actually a small team consisting of two base members. Lately our team was expanded by one external team mate – Chris who is very helpful to us. With experienced skills mostly in coding only and as time and development advances we are going to be in need of hiring more professionals. On our list there is a good soundFx/music designer (already in contact with one), a 3D modeler/graphics specialist and a good animator/animation designer.

We all have our full time jobs but we are dedicating all of our free, spare time to game development and pushing the game’s progress forward to make your and our ideas come true.

Thank you all for your support, for your ideas and suggestions during our pre-EA stage! We hope we can continue in that good manner also after the release.

The game will be released on february 23rd 2018 at 10:00am Pacific Time (PST, UTC-8)

Thank you!

If you have any further questions, ask us. We will try to answer them in detail.

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