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We told you about the vegetation found in various locations in the World of RIN, so we must also introduce you to the monsters walking around them!

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We told you about the vegetation found in various locations in the World of RIN, so we must also introduce you to the monsters walking around them!


Let us show you the famous and well-known Slime. As befits, Slime is the most basic enemy that you can find during your adventure. It has the form of a worm, and it slowly crawls on the ground. Slime does not have any additional skills and is easy to defeat.

Anyway, you definitely do not want to run into it. Watch out for the spikes!

But they are not the only one popular creatures that can be found in our World. You will often encounter Mosquitoes while exploring - one of the flying-type monsters. Sometimes you will meet them on your way in the company of a hive as their spawner.

Be careful! Especially when they are flying in groups. Although they do not have a lot of HP, they can sting you and tease you by flying past your ear all the time.

Different locations, different monsters

As we mentioned, you can find both Slime and the Mosquito in various locations in the game. We made their appearance fit the areas where they occur. Although their mechanics remain the same, you will meet mosquitoes in the following variants.

All beasts take the appearance that corresponds to the character of a given location.

The mosquitoes in the Void will take the form associated with fiery volcanic terrain, and those in the Final area will take on more crystal shapes.


The monsters mentioned above are one of the basic enemies in the Rin’s World. Of course, they are not the only ones! During your adventure, you will also meet other variants of opponents, such as Spiders, Tanks, and Jellyfish.

Tank (shown in the photo above) is one of the most powerful creatures. It has its own mechanics and specific behaviors during the encounter. They are armed with a large amount of health points, and the ability to create a shockwave by hitting the ground. That makes them more difficult to fight against. You will meet this monster in the lush and poisoned areas of Overgrowth (one of the Worlds). Beware!

In the attached photo you can look at various types of creatures that can be found during your journey in the wild jungles of Overgrowth. However, we haven’t covered all the monsters in the game here. You will also encounter Rats, Spitting Plants, as well as other more or less creepy beasts with abilities such as draining your mana.

Depending on where you go during the gameplay, the beasts will be different and less or more challenging!

Not only monsters

During the gameplay, many creatures will disturb you. Some of them are slow and easy to deal with (such as the Slime worm), while others will become more challenging. For example, Spiders are fast and quite agile, which makes them a more difficult target that is harder to avoid. However, beasts are not everything in our bestiary!


There are also 5 bosses waiting for us. Each of them has its own powers and unique mechanics. After the fight is over, Rin will make decisions about the fate of the defeated opponents. We will definitely tell you a lot more about them in the future! (As soon as it's their time to shine)

We hope you liked today's article. In the next Devlog post, we will introduce you to the process of creating one of the monsters in detail.

See you later!

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