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We received feedback saying that Gaters' faces lacked life. Then, we've decided to redesign them!

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Hi IndieDB,

Lately, more and more people started to follow the Exgate Initiative journey and we're very grateful for that. We have very fresh news to share with you today, so here we go!

Gaters have new faces

We received feedback saying that Gaters’ faces lacked life. While we had an artistic direction for the faces, we wanted to try out a new design. It is still in progress but we can already show you what we plan with these new faces!

First off, here’s a short before/after to show you the difference between the old work and the new result.

before vs after

Side note: We’ve received feedback about these new faces too! They’re not perfect and we’ll continue to improve them in the future!

Then, we added expressions to their faces. They’ll mainly be used during missions so instead of having a neutral face all along, Gaters can express their surprise, excitement, frustration and more according to the situation!

facial expressions

Also, we added facial expressions so they reflect their condition inside the base, here they are:

face conditions

Dev stuff

Remember the Star Map? We're redesigning it too!

new star map

The Star Map issue was to try to make it visually interesting, stable despite the procedural generation and easy to navigate. It’s not totally finished yet. Redesigning the Star Map brings up many challenges such as:

  • setting clear icons indicating which kind of resource you can earn by exploring an exoplanet
  • Adding a progression system as Gaters perform missions
  • defining the difficulty level concept in an understandable way and adding missions in accordance with the difficulty level displayed
  • having colors adapted to color-blind people

The Tech Tree, which allows you to unlock new technologies to upgrade your base and progress in the game, will also be redesigned!

Cursed bug of the month

Lately, we’ve been having some… merging issues? To sum this up, Gaters tend to merge with each other, which is a bit disturbingly cursed… This gives some The Thing vibe, not gonna lie…

very cursed

Many thanks for reading! We see you next month for more content about the development of Exogate Initiative!

The Xeno Bits Team

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